4.10.2022. 7Pm IST 
Part 2 
FOOD BANK FOR THE POOR,  SANGOLDA , GOA has the support of Two Important offices in Goa . 
1.  The Governor of Goa , who since the last  6 months  donates 100 freshly cooked meals every week to our Food Bank to be distributed to the homeless. This program which  was initiated in the presence of the FSSAI Director at a function held at The Raj Bhavan goes on till date. 
Below is the Link for that function 
2. We have installed 10 food bank fridges in different police stations to accept 24*7 extra food which various types of people deposit on these fridges.  Police stations come under the preview of the Home Minister ( That is the CM of Goa ). 
If our project was not worthy and unprofessional would these fridges be allowed in Police Stations by THE CM ? 
We wrote a letter regarding prevention of food wastage to Hon. Chief Minister who is also the  Home Minister of Goa. He was enthusiastic about it and marked it to Director, FSSAI, Bambolim, with a request to follow up. 
The Hon. CM of Goa & Hon.Governor of Goa are concerned about  the hungry and interested in channeling excess edible food to the hungry. 
But the irony is that the FSSAI , Bambolim which is the Department dealing with food just doesn't care. 
Why ? May I know? 
Daily  tons of food is thrown in bins,  our Food Bank is ready to solve the issue, need a little help from FSSAI to set the exercise rolling, but  officials of FSSAI,  BAMBOLIM, GOA,  dont seem to care. 
We are trying our best to redirect edible food to the bellies of those that need a nutritious meal. 
But our “rage” is now turning to “outrage” due to the ” I dont care” attitude of FSSAI Officials at enabling through their “indifference ” this criminal waste of good food. 
Every morning except Sundaybetween 7. 30 am to 8 am, since the last 2 years  our Food Bank team distributes breakfast outside the FSSAI BAMBOLIM office to the poor children whose parents are working on the construction site of the IPHB & for those patients whose relatives are admitted into IPHB. 
This outreach project has never been noticed/appreciated by any official from FSSAI . Feel free to verify this fact yourself. 
Are the officials of FSSAI even aware of this feeding project right at their door step ? 
Can any official of FSSAI BAMBOLIM see the plight of the poor and hungry right at their door step ? 
YOU have the power, so please use it to feed the hungry and the malnourished. 
YOU have the power, so please  stop tons of wet waste going into the garbage dumps in goa affecting the  Goa environment. 
STOP throwing the rule book at NGO's. 
STOP procrastinating. 
Because we at STREET PROVIDENCE will NOT STOP our crusade till you assist us in collecting all edible  food that is being  thrown out into the garbage. 
We will keep up our efforts to see  the officials of FSSAI BAMBOLIM  implement  the SAVE FOOD SHARE FOOD inniatitve which is your own INNIATITVE. 
Attached is a letter written to Hon.  CM of Goa and  marked by him to the FSSAI Director Bambolim to consider. 
We as an NGO are interested in ending “Hunger” in Goa. 
Treat us with respect please. 
Cooperate with us. 
Help us to help the hungry especially since our FOOD BANK Project is taking care of 4 birds in 1 stroke:
1. Saving tons of good food  daily 
2. Feeding thousands of poor people one meal.
3. Saving the environment and Earth from  excess wet garbage 
4. Providing employment to 600 plus local people 
( will explain in Part 3 which I will post next time). 
Please do prayer for wisdom and guidance to all the powers to be at FSSAI BAMBOLIM so that this project of saving food is taken up quickly as the Tourist season is about to kick off . 
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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