22.9.22. 7 Pm IST 
Goa Police @ Fatorda Police Station rescues a homeless lady at 12.15 am this early morning and calls me at 1 am asking if we can help to rehabilitate. 
The homeless lady says her name is ” MEMITA BARRETO ” and keeps saying she is from different villages when asked. 
Incase anyone recognizes her Please approach the Fatorda Police Station. 
PSI – Dindayalnath Redkar calls me sharp 1 am
( & on his tone I know he is disappointed  and out of options ) inquiring if we can take in this lady right now. 
He has tried many homes in South Goa and got no response as its too late at night. 
I say yes and he gets the paper work and medical examination done. 
A few more calls go up and down including a video call at 1 am and I knew for sure the lady is highly depressed and suffering from mental Disabilities which means the police will have to admitt her into IPHB for treatment but that's not going to happen at this hour at 1am . 
I know for sure on the call that its going to be numerous trips to IPHB  to get her back  into a proper frame of mind. 
I can refuse to take her in and say we are full , its too late , etc and go back to sleep. 
But thats not what STREET PROVIDENCE is about. 
I call Sr Mariya, FMCK  @ our care giver at 1.30 am informing that the police will be dropping a lady at 3 am , and she Willingly Said ” please bring we will accept “. 
LPC Vidhya Sakhalkar & PSI PSI – Dindayalnath Redkar drops the lady by 2.45 am which I was watching on the CCTV on my mobile at 2.45 am . 
All our homes are on CCTV and it's about 150 cameras running non stop in all 8 homes Linked to my mobile. 
The most IRRITATING & SHOCKING part is that in the last 5 years, we have accepted and are sheltering many such GOAN homeless ladies and no authority or lady activists have ever approached us trying to find out these ladies families. 
It's very very strange that only one or two Have been located and taken back by the families. 
Families are abandoning their own loved ones : due to old aged, 
sickness like mental disabilities, 
ladies who are divorced and both sides rejected,
Married women due to no child being born
And so many other reasons. 
Today we have 4 such shelter homes for homeless ladies in Goa and we will accept such ladies any time even early morning at 2 am strictly through the police only 
It's not that everyday day such requests come this late but when they come we will accept. 
Usually maay women shelter homes refuse after 7 pm to open the doors stating many excuses but here Sr Mariya has gone out of her way and disturbed her sleep like me to understand the plight of another homeless woman and open the doors. 
It's not easy breaking your deep sleep to take in and co ordinate a homeless woman admission at 3 am . 
If you see such genuine homeless women in Goa late night on the streets please call the local police station and tell them to get the lady off the streets to our shelter Homes which are both in North & South Goa . 
Support and bless us as we try to eradicate and reduce ” homelessness & hunger in Goa “. 
We operate strictly through whstsapp only on 8380097564 so please don't call . 
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848