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WE DARE TO DREAM & We Live That Dream
What DREAM started in  early 2014 and took concrete Shape in Dec 2017 by registering an NGO called STREET PROVIDENCE is today purely due to THE GRACE OF GOD & THE FAVOUR OF GOD . 
I am not qualified in any way to run FREE SHELTER HOMES consistently last 5 years, as I have alot of drawbacks and I am work in progress but yet THAT DREAM IS BEING LIVED. 
My DREAM was :
☆ Feeding the hungry and we have food banks,
☆ HOMES for the homeless & we have 8 shelters,
☆ Caring for the sick & we have our own Clinic. 
Today the biggest DREAM is, ” we run 8 HOMES for the homeless with a capacity of 200 people & WE don't OWN A SINGLE HOME “. 
All the homes are RENTED. 
Can you image an NGO having a DREAM of running Free Shelter homes for the homeless and not just 1 home and few homeless but today 8 homes both for men & women , enough to hold 200 such homeless and yet not owning a single home ? 
And we not Government funded but strictly are working with public donations. 
People always understand the running an NGO means :
acquiring assets like land ,
building big buildings and homes ,
owning fancy cars ,
having a fancy office, 
But what about the WORK ? 
Well our DREAM was more of THE WORK and less of the assets and that's why we don't own any land & building but we are using that same energy to get help to many many homeless people, hungry people and People with mental disabilities. 
The DREAM of Shelter homes in Goa is realised and fitted into the system and now the DREAM is to :
*Run FREE medical clinics for the poor & for people with disabilities in Goa focusing primarily on Physiotherapy, in rural Goa,
*Run FREE Dialysis centres for the poor in rural Goa,
*Run 2 FREE hospitals with a capacity of 10 beds each, focusing on Stroke related care in Goa, One in North & one in  South Goa, for the disabled & the homeless, 
*Collect 10000 kgs of fresh food which is daily thrown out in Goa & feed 30000 people daily in Goa with focus on those in villages ,
*Start shelter homes & Food Bank fridges outside Goa . 
Like I started this message ” V DARE 2 DREAM “. 
This Dream of Sheltering the homeless could not be possible without :
♡ The Favour of God ,
♡ My Wife. My small children & My Sister ,
♡ The House Owners / Landlords ,
♡ The Numerous & consistent Benefactors ,
♡ My Trustees & Our Staff,
♡ The Archdiocese of Goa,
The Newly Appointed Cardinal of Goa & Daman,
♡ Numerous Government officials who believed me way back in 2017 , especially Goa Police,
♡ Government of Goa who have never troubled me,
♡ Hundreds of Volunteers who at some point of time supported and worked with me ,
♡ All well wishers and prayer warriors. 
During this DREAM :
☆ We gave up 1 rehabilitation home @ Mapusa 
☆ We were asked to leave 1 home @ Batim 
☆ We were thrown out of 1 home @ Margao . 
Also during this DREAM :
One Trustee resigned and two trustees added ,
The entire operation staff left and a new team took over. 
But THE DREAM went on . 
I learnt to LIVE THE DREAM by believing IN THE WORD OF GOD taught by my old friend ” BJ “. 
Come join us IN ANY WAY YOU CAN as we HAVE SHARED our FUTURE DREAMS with you in this POST . 
God Bless you All
Donald Fernandes 
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