Today we @ Street Providence Goa , open our Clinic doors @ Sangolda to those who require Physiotherapy for Free and primarily who are suffering from disabilities. 
Today is Birthday of our Mother Mary and a very blessed day, to start this Clinic for those looking for Free Physiotherapy or those who are looking for affordable Physiotherapy sessions  
After 3 long months of trial and testing of equipments , set up , etc we are accepting appointments from you , incase you are recommended for Physiotherapy. 
☆ 1. It's FREE for any one who is physically disabled or suffering from any disability including children with disabilities. 
☆ 2. If you are SENIOR CITIZEN  , you can also book an appointment but we will expect a donation of Rs 100 per session in the donation box which is kept in the clinic. 
☆ 3. The rest who can afford can also book an appointment and give us a donation of Rs 300 per session in the donation box . 
We are operating through APPOINTMENTS only on 8380077564  between 9 to 6 pm and no walk in requests will be entertained. 

( pls don't call on my both nos as I will not entertain as there is a separate team for this services ) 
This Physiotherapy centre is serving the homeless and people with disabilites completely FREE but running costs like :
☆ Electricity charges as the clinic is air conditioned,
☆ Doctors fees ,
☆ Equipment maintenance ,
☆ Daily cleaning,
☆ Purchase of gels and other items , 
Is to be considered. 
Last 3 months catering to just 34 such homeless people with disabilites with a total of 198 sessions from our shelter homes costed us close to Rs 1 lac with majority of the amount going towards the Doctors fees . 
( Poster attached ) 
The Social Welfare Department has done the inspection and the grant when released is 
Rs 10000 per month towards the Physiotherapist charges and we have two such Physiotherapist : one lady & one Gent. 
We treat a wide variety of conditions such as:
# All types of Musculoskeletal pain and Sport injuries such as Neck pain, Shoulder pain, Knee pain, Ankle injuries, Sprains and Strains, Joint replacements, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Frozen Shoulder etc.
# Post operative physiotherapy. 
# Neurological Rehabilitation for conditions such as Stroke (paralysis), Parkinson's Disease, Bell's palsy, Balance issues.
# Paediatric conditions such as Developmental delay, Cerebral palsy, Erb's palsy, and various musculoskeletal and gait abnormalities.
# Geriatric Physiotherapy. 
Our two young goan Physiotherapist are providing the above services in our clinic. 
Your patronage helps us in reducing our running costs of this clinic for our homeless people and in return we can treat more poor homeless people suffering from Disabilities with your donations. 
Today we have close to 135 homeless people in our shelter homes and 100 of them are suffering from disabilities require  Physiotherapy. 
So incase you require Physiotherapy or any other family member or friends require Physiotherapy do book an appointment on 8380077564. 
We would like to offer these services FREE to all but then anything given FREE is always misused and has no value at all. 
That's why we have kept :
Free  for those with disabilities,
Rs 100 as a donation for senior citizens
Rs 300 donation for those who can afford. 
This is the 1st of the 3 clinics planned in Goa for the people with Disabilities. 
The other two are coming up in Quepem & Cavelossim in due course of time . 
We will be adding next month various other medical services like :
☆ Visiting Orthopedic Dr 
☆ Visiting  Psychiatric Dr 
In future we will have also add :
☆ General Practicioner 
☆ Counselors 
☆ Gynecologist 
☆ Pediatrician 
We @ Street Providence are committed in providing FREE & affordable health care facilities for those who are  really poor and can't afford these services at normal rates that other clinics charge. 
These services are not on a business model but our NGO is offering affordable health care facilities to those who can't afford including our senior citizens. 
I thank you reading this post & for forwarding this post to your near and dear ones especially those who reside in NORTH Goa . 
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848