11.9.22. 9 pn IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA , this coming week,  gets up , running,  blessed and inaugurated two shelter homes for women in distress and those suffering from Disabilities. 
Tomorrow Monday 12th Sept 2022 @ 5.00 pm we officially bless our 3rd home at Guirim, supported and In collaboration with Fatima Sisters, Guirim. 
A home to comfortably hold 10 such women who are homeless, abandoned and suffering from mental & physical disabilities. 
This home is already sheltering 5 ladies who are in dire need of care and shelter. 
Another 5 to 7 ladies can be accommodated. 
This 3rd home to be completely operational from Security point of view and other basic equipment has been fully funded by generous benefactors. 
Infact after we put a post 3 weeks ago asking for Rs 2 lacs to complete the fabrication, electrical,  plumbing , Cvtv etc & a family from Mumbai who we never met before  sent us the entire Rs 2 lacs. 
On 15th Sept 2022 , we bless and inaugurate our 4th shelter home for homeless women and those suffering with disabilities at CAVELOSSIM in association & collaboration with FMCK sisters. 
This home can accommodate 20 ladies comfortably. 
All these 4 ladies homes together will have a capacity of 60 ladies where our NGO will be looking after for FREE and most of whom are suffering from mental disabilities. 
In total we will now have 3 ladies homes in the north Goa with a capacity of 40 ladies & 
In South Goa 1 ladies home with a capacity of 20 ladies. 
Kindly note all admissions happen only through our office at SANGOLDA  and not directly at the homes . 
We have a certain procedure and paperwork to follow which happens through our office at Sangolda. 
We all are aware that last year crime against women has risen as per the latest reports and the need of the hour is shelter homes to take in these homeless,  battered , abandoned & those suffering from Disabilities. 
To all activists who are working for women in distress please take note that our NGO has at the moment a capacity of almost 25 beds  to take in such women who need help and shelter. 
Most people understand that we are a NGO focused only on North Goa . 
Actually we have 2 big men's home in South Goa @ Cavelossim & Quepem with a combined capacity of 100 men  and now this 4th ladies home at Cavelossim with a capacity of 20 women. 
♡♡♡ We thank The Women & Child Department,  Government of Goa for supporting our work for homeless street women and I have to mention that this would not be possible Without The Grace of God who has inspired and moved the officials at the The Women & Child Department, Panjim . 
♡♡♡ I must thank FMCK sisters & Fatima Sisters for supporting our work
One Women home is entirely run by the homeless women themselves which is very very encouraging for me as it makes the women responsible for themselves and for each other  
That is what REHABILITATION is all about ” able to get over your issues and look after others “. 
Please continue to support and bless us and help us in our mission of eradicating hunger & homelessness in Goa . 
I thank God for all the Grace and wisdom to run shelter homes for the homeless. 
I Also thank :
☆ Various long time benefactors ,
☆ Government of Goa through its various departments, 
☆ Our full time staff ,
☆ Our volunteers ,
☆ My Trustees and my family 
☆ FMCK sisters  & Fatima Sisters 
Without their supoort our rehabilitation program would not where it's is today all within under 5 years . 
And we are a very small NGO with a very big heart to serve and care for the poorest of the poor who are homeless and abandoned. 
God bless you all 
Donald Fernandes 
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