5.9.2022.  7pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA has started accepting & rehabilitating young Goan teenagers suffering from drug and substance abuse in the last few months 
Of late, too much noise we hear, read and browse regarding drugs and substance abuse in & around Goa Everyone is blaming someone for this problem. 
But how many posts speak about rehabilitating or how many homes are accepting such drug abuse teenagers for rehabilitation ? 
Last couple of months we ventured into accepting and rehabilitating young goan boys between the age group as young as 22 years to 27 years and its really sad and upsetting. 
Today we have in our shelter homes about 8 such young boys . 
We decided to test the waters to see if we could contribute to this issue of drug abuse and we are now capable of handling many more such cases of drug abuse . 
One such case will send shivers down your bones. 
This young boy 26 years and his two friends were on all the chemical based substances, like MLD , LSD , DMT , etc and both his friends died on the beach in South Maharashtra. 
This boy survived but completely lost his mind. 
The sister has struggled to help the younger brother and many times admitted into IPHB , stabilised but no free rehabilitation Home to keep him In. 
It's close to 45 days but the improvement is very very slow as most of the cells are damaged. 
This is just one case . 
The other 6 cases are mild abuse of substance which can or might get them better in due course of time, but all youngsters in the aged group of 22 years to 27 years . 
These youngsters come from poor families and their parents are too illiterate ( or some don't have parents ) or just daily wage workers. 
No one to help and guide them neither can they afford the fees of bigger institutes for rehabilitation. 
The need of the hour is more shelter homes for such many many young boys out there who are just wandering and loosing their mind and leading them to depression which then leads to  a slow and painful death, all alone abandoned as most of us are afraid of drug addicts due to their violent behavior. 
Its very chilling and frightening and I can't write. 
Initially we thought it would be difficult to handle these drug abuse boys but in due course all 6 are stable and are getting better but slowly. 
We don't shout and condemn the government or the system but we work at the ground by entering the system and being a problem solver. 
The WORLD REQUIRES PROBLEM SOLVERS rather than harping on the problems and the problems just increasing. 
Easy to condemn but very difficult to walk the talk. 
The situation is really bad as substance abuse is raising it head big time in higher secondary and colleges . 
Most of these 7 goan boys are from interior parts of Goa and not the coastal areas so there is an issue. 
OUR NGO is currently housing most of them at ASSNORA shelter home which is on the hillock. 
IPHB at Bambolim is doing a wonderful job of   treating such drug abuse cases and since it's a government hospital all treatment is free. 
Our NGO today takes in and looks after for free:
☆ 1. Homeless street people & destitudes 
☆ 2. Homeless street  people with disabilities 
☆ 3. Homeless men with HIV & TB
☆ 4. Homeless street alcoholic people 
☆ 5. Men suffering from drug abuse 
☆ 6. Any one who requires a place to stay and is homeless and in depression. 
We are ready to help anyone and everyone who requires food , clothing & shelter and a hand to catch to get back on track. 
Ultimately we take nothing from this world but only blessings and prayers . 
God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
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