1.9.2022. 7 Pm  IST 
Wishing each and everyone of you a beautiful , colorful and cheerful Ganesh Chaturthi 
May this festive season bring along  smiles & celebrations for you , your family and the homeless street people and People suffering from all sorts of disabilities & sickness. 
My previous post a few days ago described the challenge we face with a young girl whom we  call “BLESSED”.  Her mental condition does not permit her to stay in a Shelter Home. Her condition compels her to seek discharge and walk along the streets, sleeping at bus stops, in unoccupied residences etc. 
We are very keen on assisting her in her rehabilitation but are at our wits end as all our approaches are fruitless. 
Today I am here to draw your attention to another young woman “ANGEL ” admitted 3 days back into our home , the day my late Uncle,
Fr Walter expired and its such types of people late Fr Walter encouraged me to help irrespective of the occasion or the time. 
Attached her picture taken from the reverse. 
Angel was born in a middle class family, showed significant disabilities during her childhood but due to lack of information and assistance she didnt receive much medical treatment. 
Being different, she was not accepted in schools. As she grew older, her mental disability was evident and she was referred to a medical doctor. 
Thus started the vicious cycle of inhouse  treatment followed by discharge with instructions to continue  the prescribed medications with little or no improvement. 
Today ANGEL suffers from manic depression, has suicidal thoughts, is violent and has attempted to commit suicide on numerous occasions. 
Her family is ready to care for her but ANGEL just walks away even if left unattended for a minute. 
ANGEL is usually found roaming in different cities of INDIA and when confronted by the Police, simply hands over  her sister's mobile number  to the cops , and her sister or a family member has to travel to bring her back and then  after a few days , she walks away again 
We are ready to rehabilitate her in our Shelter Home, but after the 3rd day or so  ANGEL threatens to commit suicide if she is not allowed to leave the Shelter. 
Today I seek  PROFESSIONAL help for this young woman.  
Any Clinical Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Cousellor, Social Worker, Institution,caring individual who is willing to meet up and take on these two challenging cases, please do get in touch with me on whatsapp only on 8380097564. 
One needs to have a Certificate of Registration from Social Welfare to look after such people with disabilites so the rest please excuse . 
We will support you in whatever way we can during  the course of the treatment. 
If she needs inhouse treatment at a speciality clinic, please recommend and help us with the admission through whstsapp messages only. 
Both these girls ” BLESSED & ANGEL ” are patients for long at IPHB Bambolim so all facts can be verified by just showing these 2 posts to any Consultant Doctors there . 
Please don't message me to contact non professional people 
I am determined to get help for both – “BLESSED”  and “ANGEL”.  Their safety, both bodily and of the mind is my top priority or else they could end up either dead or violated on the streets. 
I have made up my mind to getting permanent help for both the girls ANGEL & BLESSED on a top priorty . 
And these 2 are no way related to me . 
It's s big stress dealing with these types of cases. 
But its my AVAILABILITY to these types of girls to help them permanently rather than my ABILITY. 
This broadcast is not about financial help.  I am asking for PROFESSIONAL HELP to save the precious lives of ANGEL & BLESSED. 
Please do pray  for ANGEL & BLESSED , that the right professionals may come along to help them be free from their mental anguish. 
My apologies for posting my festival greetings  with this urgent plea for professional help but during this festive season please spare a thought for the less fortunate and if you can,  help those whom you  don't know but who need you the most! 
God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848