13.7.2022  7pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA responds quickly to a request from Mrs Chryselle Dias , who stays in Casa da Moeda ( Mint House ) opp head post office Panjim and gets off the wet rainy streets an elderly konkani speaking man with a fresh wounded leg . 
Mohan Naik is from UK ( Uttar kannada ) and has been rejected by his family making him beg, work and live on the streets of panjim below the building of Casa da Moeda. 
Mrs Chryselle saw his plight and suffering, which is an exposed wound which is fresh on his leg and requested me to help,  strictly through whatsapp. 
Mrs Chryselle followed the instructions through whatsapp and flat within 24 hours we got this man into our home. 
☆☆We appreciate Mrs Chryselle for knowing who  her neighbour is
♡♡♡ Thanks to our rescue team ie Sapnesh, Eric & Douglas for the smooth co ordination and effort in getting the man off the streets supported by the Goa Police @ Panjim Police Station. 
This is how things should go about . 
If instructions are followed, if the complainant has a little patience , if there is compassion to help the homeless then it makes the rescue very easy and quick and we too feel happy to respond. 
We can't just go on following up on a picture which at times fellow samaritans click and send and give excuses example ” I was in a bus and saw this person on the streets” , etc. 
Pretty big and deep wound on Mohan Naik leg and if not treated in time could have even made him amputate his leg . 
Daily dressings is required at the Government hospital which means our Ambulance has to go to the assnora home from Porvorim, pick Mohan, get him to District Hospital Mapusa, stand at the OPD till the turn comes, do the dressing and drop him back to Assnora home before heading to Porvorim. 
Half day gone just on this procedure but we have to do it . 
Takes time, driver + assistant and diesel. 
This rains are non stop in Goa and am aware that there are many such homeless intending to get off the streets but we just can't reach them until people like Mrs Chryselle inform us that the homeless are looking for shelter. 
We need many like Mrs Chryselle to scout and look out for the elderly and sick homeless 
( priorty ) on the streets of Goa and co ordinate with us to get them a warm bed , medication and food on a plate. 
We can togther eradicate the Homelessness in Goa . 
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God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
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