24.6.2022  8 pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA is thankful to a young goan man , Mr Cajetan Barretto alias Polly for  getting  help to his fellow villager Mr Concesscio Rodrigues from Nuvem to get off the streets today in this torrential non stop rains . 
Before and after picture along with this post . 
What should have happened to Mr  Concesscio 3 to 5 years back happened today. 
The man is homeless, unclean, living in pathetic condition and yet its cool with those in that area. 
I have been informed a couple of times by people but it's just not possible to respond to such requests without follow up . 
This is how this street rescue happened. 
Fr Richard from Don Bosco Tuem calls me on Sunday and disturbs my sleep by explaining about the man . 
But he links me up with Mr Cajetan wife , 
Mrs Glenda who shows commitment to get help to their fellow villager. 
Last 4 days we are planning how and when we can make this rescue . 
This morning Mr Cajetan follows the procedure and our team in 2 Jeeps drive down to Nuvem from Sangolda . 
Inspector Mr Mohan Gaude of Curtorim Police Station is informed who co operates by deputing the beat Constable Mr Vilas Dhuri to help in the rescue . 
Attached a 2 min video . 👇
Our team of Mr Eric supported by Mr  Pobres & Mr Mayur ( both once In similar situations on the streets ) swing into action. 
At 1st the man  is very aggressive and tries to run . 
I try reasoning out with him and using all my past 5 years experience I find his weak point . 
I sense he wants help and I walk one side and say a small prayer asking God for Grace to help me to help this man . 
The full journey from Sangolda to Nuvem I am listening to Praise & Worship . 
I try reasoning out again, 1st peacefully then sternly that he takes our help for his benefit as it's freaking raining non stop. 
Once he understands that we are helping him, he agrees to sit and get a haircut and a shave . 
He was literally crawling on the ground at the side of the same building trying to avoid us picking him up . 
But he quietly gets up and sits on a make shift stool and we start cutting his hair and then timing his beard and mustaches. 
We are fully prepared with water , bucket,  clothes,  slippers,  scissors etc . 
We then take off all his soiled and wet clothes and give him a bath which I am not sure when he had last . 
We put on new clothes and then the man thinks, feels and understands that we are going to leave him there and walk away . 
Again I raise my voice and explain to him that he requires food, treatment, medication and a roof. 
He understands but his Spirit is pressing him down not to get off the dark & into the light . 
With support from the locals and Mr Cajetan we put him into our Ambulance and he is admitted into our shelter home . 
There will be issues for two days till he gets detoxified and on Monday he will get taken for a full medical checkup. 
A job well executed today which could and should have happened many years ago . 
Our NGO failed him all these years but more than that the fellow villagers should have been a little more considerate and helped him . 
There are many more out there in the rains and it's all our responsibility to help such homeless people who are just having no place to go and no hand to hold on too. 
I prayer and thank God that there are many more Mr Cajetan & Mrs Glenda , who are coming forward in identifying and co ordinating with us to get help to such people on the streets. 
Again it's a collective effort by you as a SOCIETY. 
We are the services providers who depend on public donations to do the job which the state is suppose to do. 
But then who cares ? 
We have space for another 50 such men incase they want to get off the streets. 
At the moment I have a good team , plenty of vehicles to pick the homeless, good care givers to treat such people, fantastic support from the Government hospitals , co operative Police Inspectors @ Goa Police , Generous benefactors. 
Only thing missing is Time. 
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God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
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