23.6.2022. 7pm IST 
We @ Street Providence Goa are thankful to Walk India Project , organized by Freedom Trust, & supported by Caritas Goa  , where by three of our homeless men were fitted with an artificial limb yesterday. 
A Fitment & Distribution of Artificial Limb camp  was organized and we sent three of our homeless street men to avail of this FREE facility. 
At our shelter Homes , we accept the saddest and pathetic cases of homeless disabilities,  which no one ( including those claiming to represent Disabilities) are bothered about and we literally struggle to help them transform their lives . 
Looks like homeless people with disabilities are not any ones priorities any more these days. 
Any way frustrations aside. 
These 3 men were literally living on the streets of Goa in dirty , shabby,  unclean,  miserable conditions for months if not years and if not for us, they would still be there today in this terrible rain. 
Attached 3 pictures of 3 men who have benefitted from this free artificial limb camp. 
And 1 video . 👇
☆ No 1 
Mr Niranjan , amputated and begging at calangute Beach main circle for months
Picked up in Feb 22 .
Today much stable and relaxed in our home . 
☆ No 2
Mr Vijay , having an amputated / polio lower leg and begging all his life. 
Stayed with us earlier in 2019 then left, reached the streets,  brought back in Mar 22 by the cops . 
Now on medication , as he has been begging all his life which has made him depend on alcohol & tobacco and takes alot of time to detoxify him . 
☆ No 3.
Mr Patil was living at Goa Velha market for years, crawling on his buttocks as his foot / leg was heavily infected with maggots. 
An operation at GMC , resulted in his amputation. 
We have close to 10 such cases in our shelter homes who are without a limb . 
Sometimes it's just unbearable handling such people. 
And most have lost their mind which makes the care givers job even tougher . 
They have to be fed,  bathed,  shaved , groomed, taken to the washroom in the initial stages as when they are on the streets, all their jobs are done or conducted in the same spot . 
All NGOs ( including ours at times ) have failed these PWDs and I say even the DISABILITY COMMISSIONER OF GOA has to focus and look into these homeless PWDs. 
I am sure after this post The Disability Commissioner, Mr Gurudas Pawaskar will get things moving . 
Good man Mr Pawaskar, I have had a couple of meetings with him but not reached any where. 
It's like no one can see these homeless PWDs and infact they are every where loitering and crawling in Goa . 
How is that only we reach out to help them and we can see them ? 
Take STREET PROVIDENCE aside and there actually no one ready to take them in and shelter them. 
And if any Home is taking in such PWDs in Goa let me know,  I can direct a couple of such cases who are on the street to the these homes through the police. 
I am literally fed up at the complete neglect of these homeless PWDs . 
Less spoken about the Director of Social Welfare, the better as I am told that the Director is not even aware of Street Providence rehabilitating such PWDs who are homeless. 
If the authorities of the state can't help the homeless PWDs then how can our small NGO help so many out there? 
No authorities have a clear plan for rehabilitation and admission of homeless PWDs in Goa including :
☆ the police, 
☆ the government hospitals,  
☆ the social Welfare dept,
☆ the IPHB
☆ And even the office of the Disability Commissioner. 
This has to tackled on an immediate basis,  as the current monsoon fury is at its peak . 
We have the capacity to take in as many as possible but Government through their different departments should provide some financial aid and two nodal officers ie Doctor & A Dysp / SP. 
One thing I must appreciate ” Government of Goa ” has never ever troubled our NGO in any way or any form . 
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God bless you 
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