20.6.2022. 7pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA yesterday gets help to this elderly homeless man who has been roaming with a maggot infected foot on the roads of Goa . 
Jaypal as he says his name is , was brought to my attention on 16.6.2022 as he was sitting outside DG MART Old Goa with a wounded leg in a bag. 
108 & Old Goa Police were called to help him hut he just walked away . 
☆ 17.6.2022 at night, I got a whatsapp from the police at Bambolim that there is a man in the subway with a wounded leg in a bag. 
☆ 18.6.2022 , we picked another man from GMC Subway, but Jaypal was missing and was spotted at Porvorim. 
Now the part , which makes me feel ashamed. 
☆ I saw Jaypal on 18.6.2022 in Porvorim but I was just too upset to stop and pick him as I had just picked another man . 
Now this is How My God wants me to do what he has plans for . 
☆ 19.6.2022 it's a Sunday . 
Holy Mass gets over at 10am and we are home by 10.15 am . 
But this Sunday we reach home at 10.45 am due to some shopping. 
Guess what ? 
Jaypal is right Infront of my house , on the chogm road @ Sangolda walking towards Calangute . 
Its a Sunday and I am come from Church 
It's a sin to avoid me picking him up so I call the Dysp Porvorim and request for police support. 
Within 15 min flat the cops are on the spot along with our Ambulance and staff and we Rescue Jaypal from the streets. 
Bad, Rotten and torn leg . 
Worms , maggots, etc are in his foot . 
Smelly and filthy and tired and stressed. 
We put him in our Ambulance, take him home and clean and bandage him up . 
Today we took him to the hospital for treatment. 
Many many people saw him including me in many many places and yet we including me just walked or drove away. 
Attached a picture and a small video of Jaypal walling. 👇
We including myself have failed and daily fail such people . 
Humanity ceases to be there for these types of homeless people. 
We just tend to look the other side as if it's not out problem. 
We forget to see God in human beings . 
And i ask God  ” why me “. 
Why can't there be more like me to start such homes for such abandoned homeless people ? 
It's beyond my capacity to do what we are doing. 
It's only the Grace of God which drives me daily. 
It's tough, stressful, complicated, frustrating dealing with such cases where before even picking, I know that there are going to many many trips to hospitals to just treat the person. 
Then the costs of fuel , medicines , rehabilitation. 
The rains are in full flow and there are many such homeless sleeping and roaming in the rains as they have lost their mind . 
And then there are a few who just criticize me for unwanted reasons 
I wish to tell them ” pick only one such homeless per month and then talk “. 
Easy to criticize and find faults very difficult to physically go out there daily non stop and do what we do. 
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God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
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