18.6.2022.  7pm IST 
A  FREE HEARING AID DISTRIBUTION CAMP for PWDs was held at the Dr Gail & Mrs. Ditosa Memorial Medical Clinic @ Street Providence Goa, Sangolda, organized by Rotary Club of Panaji Riviera on 18th June, 2022, between 3 to 5 pm. 
This camp is the first such project at the Medical centre and part of a  soft launch to test our capabilities and the prevailing infrastructure in organizing many more such FREE camps. 
Attached a 2 mim video of the camp. 👇
Field officers, volunteering at our NGO,  identified 25 such deserving and poor PwDs across rural Goa , in need of the  Hearing Aids. 
Free transport was provided to the PwDs to reach the camp location. We are glad to have partnered with Rotary Club in organizing this  camp. 
On the morning of 18th June, 2022, Rotary Club of Margao , organized a  Hearing Aid Camp at Fatorda. 
Field Officers of STREET PROVIDENCE  brought 9 such deserving poor PwDs  including 3 suffering from HIV . 
Each one was given FREE hearing aids after being thoroughly checked by the Audiologist. 
During the afternoon camp at Sangolda, our NGO brought 16 such PwDs with hearing disabilities and after a  thorough examination  FREE hearing aids were given to each of the beneficiaries including one suffering from HIV. 
In North Goa  Free transport was provided to & fro from Mapusa & Panjim to all those who attended this camp at Sangolda 
We had an excellent opportunity to :
☆ Be part of a camp for PwDs. 
☆ Provide help to the poorest of the poor 
☆ Provide FREE Transport 
& provide the infrastructure for the camp. 
♡♡♡ A big thanks to :
☆ Mr Rtn Mangirish Kakodkar , President of Rotary Club , Margao &
☆ Mrs Rtn Sandra Fernandes   , President of Rotary Club of Panaji , Riviera. 
for giving our NGO an  opportunity to be a part of this camp by entrusting us to locate and bring all all the beneficiaries, which we did to the best of our team ability . 
Aldo thanks to Dr Lenny Da Costa for being the link and motivating me . 
We are ready in the future to assist any such clubs/Organizations who are in need of :
Identifying beneficiaries ,
Venues for  both North Goa & South Goa 
Transportation for the PWDs to the  camp venues
All infrastructure and facilities owned/ managed by our NGO viz. the Venue, transportation, man power etc will always be used to rhe fullest for the poor , homeless & PwDs. 
Our philosophy is ” use rhe infrastructure to the fullest for the poorest of the poor “. 
♡♡♡ A special thanks to our staff :
☆ Mr Sapnesh
☆ Mr Prabhakar 
☆ Mr Akshay 
☆ Ms Amesha 
☆ MsTriveni and
☆ Mr Mahesh from ZINDAGI Ngo Vasco and 
☆ Mr Gaurish from the Department. 
And John Baptist from Margao our volunteer, 
who worked behind the scenes to ensure that both camps were successful in assisting needy beneficiaries. 
During the monsoons it is rather difficult to get PwDs  from remote places like  Quepem, Vasco , Salcette , Bicholim, Pernem to attend such camps. 
I am elated to state that both camps in North and South Goa were a success. 
God Bless each and everyone who helped make this happen! 
God bless you 
Donald Fernandes
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