10.5.2021. 8pm IST 
FOOD BANK FOR THE POOR,  SANGOLDA GOA is looking for support & help  to install more fridges in public places to collect good extra cooked food only in Goa. 
With the prices of everything on the rise , more and more poor people are unable to get 2 ,meals a day . 
The only little solution we can do is to install more fridges and so those who have extra food can drop it in these fridges which can them help to reach the poor and hungry instead of being thrown into the garbage. 
We as an NGO are bridging that Gap with those who have extra food but don't know where and how to give it away with those poor hungry homeless people who might be just more than happy to enjoy this extra good food . 
This week we intend to Install 4 new fridges in 
☆ Margao city 
☆ Colva 
☆ Fatorda 
☆ Verna 
Location will be shared once fridges are installed. 
These fridges will be open 24 *7 to deposit your extra food. 
But we need donations to buy and set up these fridges. 
The only brand we use is ELANPRO which is tried and tested and used by our FOOD BANK last 5 years . 
Each fridge costs Rs 21000. 
Attached a picture of the fridge. 
These are hard top 200l ltrs fridges with good quality service and durable for all weather as they are placed in public places accessible to heat & dust . 
Besides collecting good extra food in these fridges we are also avoiding this good food from going into the wet garbage. 
Last 5 years , we have collected tonnes & tonnes of good food through our FOOD BANK FRIDGES & saved Tonnes of wet garbage in our little small way. 
So our NGO is doing two jobs at one time. 
Collecting extra good food for the poor & 
Reducing the wet garbage problem . 
If you wish to help us with the cost of this new fridge from ELANPRO , then pls let me know . 
You can donate In memory of your loved ones or just as a thanks giving . 
I always tell many ” whenever you give to the poor & hungry , the blessings come to the benefactor / donor and not to the NGO “. 
Our NGO is only the link between YOU as the benefactor & the poor and hungry. 
A day might come where each village can and will install a food fridge to collect extra food and feed the poor otherwise it will lead to dust bins which will increase the wet garbage . 
For those who follow our work , in the month of April 2022 , we collected more than 7000 kgs of good extra food ( 7 tonnes ) which otherwise would have added to Goa's wet garbage . 
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God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848