4.5.2022  7pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA is an NGO working for the last 5 years with a focus to eradicate Homelessness & Hunger in Goa . 
Incase any one is unaware of our services, we have listed down our current services:
☆ 1. We run shelter homes for the homeless 
☆ 2. We run a very big Food Bank 
☆ 3. Free help for the Rural disabled 
☆ 4. Disability Aid Bank 
☆ 5. Water Bank 
☆ 6. Clothes Bank 
☆ 7. Dry Ration Bank 
☆ 8. Medicine Bank 
☆ 9. Education Bank 
☆ 10. Gas Stove & cylinder Bank 
Our services 1 to 3 are our main focus and close to 35 staff are employed here . 
Attached is a detail break up of each service. 
Many people get excited when they hear that we run a clothes Bank. 
But the clothes Bank is not our priorty and it works only on monthly or bi monthly drives, initiated with a time frame and circulated through Social media. 
Our immediate UPCOMIMG SERVICE is : 
Free Clinics / medical centre for the poor & Persons with Disabilities ( only for those possessing a Disability Certifcate & UDID card ) . 

These Clinics / medical centres will be in :
Bardez , Salcette , Quepem. 
Free transportation will be provided to poor PWDs incase they require to & fro from their homes to the Clinics & back . 
These medical centres / clinics will provide the following FREE services primary to the ever increasing residents in our ever increasing shelter homes and to the poor impoverished persons ( PWDs)  who are in need of :
☆ 1. Basic Physiotherapy 
☆ 2. Psychiatric treatment 
☆ 3. General medical examination ( internal medicine)
☆ 4. Gynecology 
☆ 5. Pediatrics
☆ 6. Orthopedics
☆ 7. Counseling 
☆ Etc 
1st such FREE CLINIC / MEDICAL CENTRE should be operational by mid June 2022 in Bardez in a 200 sq metre area ( 2000 sq foot ) 
Work is on in full swing and close to 40% is complete . 
Our FUTURE free Services :
Two hospitals in North & South Goa only for the poorest of the poor & those with disabilites. 
This is our Dream to start hospitals and that will happen once the 3 Free clinics / Medical Centres are fully operational. 
Everyone must be thinking “where is the funding”. 
Well if you heard or know LUKE 6:38,  well that has been my FORTE. 
Also I believe that God provides all my needs according to his riches in Glory . 
We are looking for various professionals
to support these projects and dreams and reach out the poorest of the poor . 
If you are looking for a platform to work for the poor and those with Disabilities then u reached the right NGO. 
For those who wish to know more about us you can follow us on social media 
Twitter : @streetproviden1 
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As usual strictly no calling , only thru WhatsApp on 8380097564. 
God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848