11.4.2022. 8 Pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA  last week took of the streets of Panjim two homeless men who were in a complete weak state. 
The below link will show you how these men were picked up . 👇
Most remember the last week rain on Thursday. 
Well many homeless must have got fully wet. 
Incase anyone knows them please inform their family members and get in touch with me on whatsapp only on 8380097564 
Mr Vinay was just lying for over two months in that same place and could not move much  as he was top weak and something wrong in his left knee . 
Eating. Sleeping and rest of his activity ,  in that same place. 
Total mess and unhygienic. 
Mr Ashley , a press reporter requested me to help him as he could not see him In a suffering state . 
It was not easy helping him as the smell was too much plus his body was paining everywhere. 
We had to lift him up on a stercher and then cleaning him up in the home was a big issue as he was all soiled up . 
Admitted him into GMC on Saturday to stabilize him. Totally malnourished and weak . 
Mr Aniruddha claims to be a graduate and for the last 3 years he has been on the streets of panjim . 
Originally from Pune . 
Claims to have suffered a stroke but drinking and chewing tobacco. 
Many many times we tried to help him get off the streets but always some excuses . 
Once he told me ” pay me rs 4000 a month and I will come to the home “. 
Anyway that day on Friday , I informed the press about him as he was passing by and they spoke to him and he was ready to get off the streets. 
Too weak,  too much of tobacco and alcohol In his body, can't walk properly. 
Now he is getting detoxified. 
Will take a few days to see how he reacts . 
But in a few months he will be back to Normal . 
Claims his brother is in Pune and due to his stroke he does not want to be a burden to his brother family . 
Every one who is homeless and on the streets have their own stories . 
And these stories start as they go through hallucination and they start imaging things and come up with many topics . 
But its all mind games. 
At times we just can't do much , but provide food, clothes , shelter and medicines with visits to hospitals to help them get out of their torture. 
And that is practical a daily routine ” Hospital trips “. 
Hospital trips as 70% of our inmates are on psychiatric medications plus other complications like Diabetes, pressure , broken bones etc . 
Our NGO is grateful to GMC , DISTRICT HOSPITALS & IPHB for helping out these homeless people either for admission and Treatment or for their checkup and medications. 
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God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
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