22.3.2022  7pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA continues daily to help , pick,  accept and rehab abandoned people who are rejected and thrown out from homes or just on the streets in Goa as well treat and care for them . 
Two days ago we accept two young men . 
Case 1
♡♡  Thanks to Mr Arjun from Living Waters,  Calangute who picked up this young boy from the Streets of Calangute. 
This young boy was sleeping just outside KFC , Calangute. 
Although he looks heavy and well fed , in reality he was starving for food and is very weak. 
Arjun did his basic medical and got the Calangute Police NOC and admitted him into our home  
This is how I like things to be done. 
We just can't run around such requests all the time as at times there is no time . 
Case 2.
♡♡ Thanks to an elderly Goan lady who herself is unwell but yet went out of her way to help this young Goan boy who is suffering from disabilities. 
The young boy has family but is practically on the streets due to alcohol and rejection by the family . 
Quite often this boy is drunk and gets pasting , hammering and torture by others due to his disability which the old Goan lady could not bear to look at as her house is just where all this happens for years . 
The elderly lady drove this young man herself to the local police station and the young man requested the police himself to be rehabilitated to stay and get back on track . 
Hats off the elderly goan lady who just did not feel pity , but convinced me to help , then motivated the young boy thru counseling to start afresh life and then followed up with our team and the police as she was not convinced the police will help. 
Infact various times the people have complained about this nuisance created by the boy to the police and besides rounding him up and giving him a warning has been dropped back . 
We have enough space in our Homes to rehab homeless men who are in Need of rehabilitation. 
But we can't just run around daily . 
If you follow clear instructions without getting emotionally involved, then things get sorted our faster. 
We would like you to do your part in getting any homeless of the streets and in such a way the pressure is reduced on our team members . 
Both of these young boys once relaxed and 
de stressed will be taken to IPHB for a mental check-up to evaluate if they are suffering from any mental issues. 
Lots of lots of requests, appeals and cries for help are coming in daily. 
Life is getting very very difficult for those who are poor , handicapped/ persons with disabilities, the rejected etc. 
It's getting really difficult to take all into the homes at one time . 
But we are trying based on case to case basis our best to help those in need provided the paperwork and medical issues are sorted out . 
Your support is what we want . 
Please support our NGO. 
You get 50% rebate under section 80G of the 
INCOME TAX act, once you donate to our NGO. 
We accept only CHEQUES / NEFT with your pan card copy . 
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God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
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