20.3.2022  8pm IST 
Last night at 10.15 pm,  I uploaded a post regarding a young man from Porvorim who was missing for over two days. 
Within 1 hour max , he was found 
In a very swift operation , conducted and 
co ordinated between Goa Police @ Porvorim & Mapusa police stations strictly through Social media  plus God's Favour and all of you who Said that small prayer. 
In short , 
17.3.2022 , boy is in & around Porvorim P. St 
18.3.2022 , he walks away in the morning saying he is going Home at 8am. 
18th he is moving around in many places 
18th his bro uploads a poster searching for him but the picture is of an older time. 
18th afternoon the caretaker informs the cops 
18th evening , I get a picture from Mrs Adrinha Sinha , Ex Indian Navy , Porvorim asking if I spotted this boy . 
19th morning I get many calls from 
ASI Mr Dinesh Walawalkar @ Porvorim Police Station but I missed it due to a function. 
Later in the day ASI  Mr Dinesh calls again and I get the point that this boy is missing which is the same boy. 
19th Night 9.00pm Mrs Adrinha Sinha files a formal missing complaint at Porvorim Police Station. 
That's the time I decide to step in and find this boy who I have been daily seeing for the last 5 years on the road with his mum between Wellness Pharmacy & Cafe Bhosle. 
I understand the difficulty both the mother & son has and it's a really difficult,  sad & complicated matter. 
19th at 10.15 pm I upload my post but now with his latest picture and the last clothes worn with a RED COLOUR line saying REWARD . 
With few min ASI Dinesh @ Porvorim P St gets a call saying similar man is sitting just outside District Hospital Mapusa. 
Immediately Mapusa Police is contacted and it's the right man found. 
It's now close to 11.30 pm and numerous calls and messages are keeping me awake . 
Midnight Mrs Adrinha & her Husband reach Porvorim st to pick up the boy . 
The boy is a special case of Disabilty and cannot talk at all. 
Everything you ask him is a Yes . 
18th being HOLI festival , yet not a single mark of colour applied to him , 
19th whole day no one touched him or hit him or dirtied him nor did he get into any one bad ways . 
Usually I don't get involved with such missing cases inspite of many times posts and pictures coming to me . 
But this case was different as I am regularly for years seeing him. 
Slept at close to 3 am with satisfaction that just one post of mine to close to 10000 people on my whatsapp broadcast got the result In 1 hour . 
God :
☆ Protected that boy for two full days,
☆ Inspired Mr Dinesh , ASI @ Goa Police to call me,
☆ Motivated me to help Mrs Adrinha to file the missing complaint ,
☆ Inspired me to put out the missing post at 10.15pm last night . 
Now I feel in future , any missing cases , we will try to assist provided there is a current date picture . 
Most of the times , the missing person and the pictures are at times years or months apart and searching or attempting to search is quite a task. 
In this case I had a latest picture of just two days old which made the search much easy. 
Once again thanks to all who contributed in prayers, wishes , who forwarded my posts , the man outside district Hospital Mapusa who provided him a meal that day & the Goa Police . 
God's Favour is on SOMDEV as he is known. 
It's been a really long tiring last 24 hours . 
But worth the trouble , stress & tension . 
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848