18.3.202  6pm IST 
We @ Street Providence celebrated the festival of colors with the homeless In our shelter home. 
Almost 70% People with Disabilities ( Pwd ) are in each of our homes and Sapnesh and his team brought a little extra colour to their life in one such home today . 
In this home , we had a very young boy max 25 years from Karna -Punjab , Mr Denni / Danny who about 3 years back was admitted into our home through Mapusa Police. 
He was all stressed , tired , frightened , 
un cooperative , totally silent. 
Picture and video attached. 👇
For over close to two years he just did not utter a word but was there with us in his body. 
We never knew what exactly was his issue . 
It could be drugs , alcohol anything. 
He started eating , doing small works in the house, cleaning and bathing the men who are incapicated,  taking up responsibility,  being available to help those in need in the house. 
But then slowly he started speaking and told us his details with his sister cell no. 
Sister has been begging not to send him back due to they being in extreme poverty and he might again reaching the streets. 
But coming week , Denni / Danny will be put on a train and sent back home, because as of date he is perfect fit and fine . 
Denni / Danny wants to go home , visit his sister, see his village and come back and work in our NGO taking care of the older men who are incapicated. 
We give him the benefit of the doubt. 
Who knows he just might come back to help and show his sign of appreciation. 
It gives us great joy to have been able to help and get back on track such a young HANDSOME boy who if not picked in time would have just withered away loitering around in unwanted places. 
Many times we ( including me and my team ) tend to walk away from such unclean street people or we tend to just ignore such cases . 
But once these same unclean people are scrubbed , washed , polished , fed , cared for and treated become SHINNING GEMS to light up the world. 
At times we at the Shelter Homes are just overstretched and over worked with so many such cases  
Our commitment is to end Hunger & Homelessness in Goa by helping as many as possible to get off the streets, hospitals , etc . 
It's a never ending Service but that's what we are here for ” to provide a place for those who are in need and on the streets “. 
This Service would not be possible without BENEFACTORS & THE GOA POLICE. 
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God bless you 
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