5.3.2022  8 pm  IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE is the only NGO IN Goa that despite keeping their doors open for admission throughout  COVID did not experience a single COVID  related death in our NGO , nor was anyone hospitalized! Nor did we turn away a single person who came by asking for Shelter through proper channels. 
During the last 2 years we  accepted 200  homeless people , despite the COVID threat looming over US. 
List attached area wise as most admissions came through Goa Police stations. 
When Covid 19 was declared a pandemic in  March 20  we stocked up all our Shelter Homes with rations and  gas cylinders to last for 3 months  ( this was done before complete lockdown was started ). 
In April 2020 , we completely shut down all activities and introspected the  Covid related issues and how best to tackle the situation keeping in mind the safety of all our volunteers and residents 
Shelter Homes were provided with   inhalation machines  and sanitizers . 
Care givers were explained steps needed to be implemented to maintain good  hygiene . 
Gargling & inhalation was compulsorily introduced 3 times a day and hot water was provided daily for drinking . 
Since multivitamins like Vit C and Becosules are part of the daily medication for each resident since inception, their immunity is good. 
TELEVISION  and Covid related news was limited to just a few minutes a day , to avoid the fear psychosis in the minds of Caregivers and residents. 
Plenty of exercise and long hours of sleep was encouraged. 
And I decided to take in as many people as there were many homeless  asking for help during the 1st and 2nd Wave. 
We went all out keeping our homes open without the fear of getting covid. 
Taking off so many people during such a serious pandemic is not an easy task. 
But closing homes and asking people to find their own way during a pandemic is like a Doctor saying “you are sick now , but come back when you are better “. 
By taking in so many homeless people  , we earned their blessings and good wishes and I believe these positive vibes and the blessings actually protected all our residents from COVID. 
God hears the cries of the hungry  , helpless,homeless and the sick and uses willing  men to help those in need. 
We rose up to the occasion and by the Grace of God  could admit into our Shelter Homes  many many people during the 1st wave and the long period of lockdown. 
We created separate admission rooms to isolate the new comer for 14  days. 
At  our Assnora Shelter Home ,we set up a  wooden cabin witrh an attached washroom costing Rs 4 lacs.  
This cabin accommodated 5 persons at a time during the 14 days isolation period. After the quarantine period, they were shifted to the main Shelter Home and more homeless Street people were admitted. At the other Shelter Homes,  separate rooms were used for this quarantine period. 
I am grateful  to all our employees and volunteers who assisted in the rehabilitation of these 200 homeless people during these last 2 years . 
As I look back , it gives me great sense of understanding that believing PSALM 91 was one of the reasons for this UNBELIEVABLE achievement. 
Faith without action is dead . 
Its easy to instruct others how to do things but very difficult to implement especially with the fear of getting infected looming over all of us. 
Who can forget the nightmarish experiences of those who needed hospitalisation? 
But OUR NGO takes pride in the fact that we kept our doors open to the homeless and also went out  into streets, hospitals , police stations, etc to admit the weakest of the weak into our shelter homes , both men & ladies including children. 
All this would not be possible without the continuing support and trust of  our Benefactors who donate generously towards our requirements whenever we  post on WhatsApp & other social media platforms and I am grateful to each and everyone of these unseen heroes and heroines! 
We are fighters at our NGO …………. fighting to end Hunger & Homelessness in Goa . 
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Donald Fernandes 
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