3.3.2022  7 pm IST  ( long post , must read ) 
How many of us often come across people on the streets , either in inhumane condition or in unclean clothes,  and conclude that these are MAD people. 
Well most of us will fit this conclusion . 
I too was one of them till May 2017. 
But today you need to read this post , see the video and forward this to others in Goa. 
Video attached. 👇
☆ This young boy , Mayur , exactly 3 years ago was wandering endless in life and was totally lost in mind and physically drained in body . 
Picture attached. 
Was sitting for over 24 hours on a bus stop right outside our office at sangolda. 
I took him in and it turned out to be a disaster . 
Mayur would tend to spit every minute in the home or rather he would perform the action of spitting which was very very dirty and irritating to the rest  
Complicated nature at that time,  would spit , put his hands in cooked food , serve himself alot of food and then waste food , feed good food to the cat in the home , ask endless questions or just IRRITATE ( that's why I wrote in bold letters 
Took him endlessly to doctors but very slow progress. 
Twice or thrice he even ran away from our shelter home then again came back crying and we took him in . 
During the 1st wave in May 2020 he again appeared from now where, dirtier than ever . 
He one day walked from Cavelossim to Porvorim as he had last ran away from Cavelossim home. 
Feeing sad we took him in 
From March 2020 , there has been an entire new set of team members and staff and Mayur gradually gelled well and started showing signs of improvement. 
Today,  I can call MAYUR a ” COMPOUNDER “. 
A COMPOUNDER job at Street Providence is the most difficult and its a high pressure job . 
It's the COMPOUNDER job to give daily medications,  three times a day to fellow people in the home and if not give properly,  there are immediately issues of people losing their bearings & nuts in the home . 
Most of our people are under suffering from mental issues some severe and any variation or disruption in medication will turn any rehabilitation home upside down. 
Mayur , himself takes his medicine faithfully and gives medicines at times to over 30 such men . 
Mayur understands,  to beat his sickness , he needs to be active , responsible,  alert and hardworking. 
Anything less than that will take him now where. 
He also assists in alot of other household jobs but being a COMPOUNDER he has the most difficult job to perform. 
Mayur is educated and can read and write English and Hindi. 
Mayur is rejected and not accepted back home by his parents for many many reasons. 
We quite often dial his mother number and son speaks to his mother . 
It will take alot of time to heal those wounds. 
The parents can't believe that their son has improved so much , but that's the reality . 
Mayur understands that if he ever is accepted back home , he needs to get better and better and that will only happen if he stays in a shelter home where there are rules and regulations and no alcohol , pan , tobacco , etc. 
He understands the pain one goes thru on the streets as compared to a shelter Home. 
He started reading books , newspapers etc. 
He also gets along well when a new admission comes in as it reminds him if how he was and how he is now . 
He is a ONE of THE BEST MEN WHO HAS COME OUT OF DEPRRSSION & MENTAL ISSUES & that makes us proud at our NGO . 
In our NGO we take in the most complicated and rejected cases . 
We have a 90% recovery rate for people suffering from namy years with severe depression and mental issues. 
Only the HYPER CHRONIC cases , our team has not been able to taste success and we feel bad but this 10% we reject and most of the time we admitt them into IPHB. 
Not an easy service dealing with homeless people witn mental disabilities but yet results are now there to present to you . 
Receipe to beat Depression & mental issues in our shelter homes :
☆ Grace of God ,
☆ Team work, 
☆ Commitment from staff ,
☆ Medication & timely hospital visits, 
☆ Profesional doctors AT IPHB,
☆ Human nature in our homes,
☆ Hot nutritious food ,
☆ Exercise, 
☆ Bonding with fellow men, 
And last, a formula which I have being using last 5 years sitting in my office. 
Very few in our NGO know this formula. 
Put all this togther and believe that the person is cured . 
Results have to follow. 
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God bless you 
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