BANK FOR THE DISABLED ( medical aids )

11.2.2022  7pm IST 
BANK FOR THE DISABLED ( medical aids ) Street Providence Goa has started a 
” Bank of Aid for those who are disabled “and require temporary aid to recover. 
Last month, The Honourable High Court of Bombay & Goa , at Porvorim, had given our NGO a grant and we had pledged to use part of that grant for ” A BANK of AID FOR THE DISABLED ” 
Yesterday we purchased most of the equipments ( except the oxygen concentrator ) and today we are uploading the same on social media. 
Also today we handed over, 5 brand new wheel chairs to Labour Commissioner of Goa , to be used for the elections on the 14th of February,  incase the need arises and which will be returned on the 15th . 
We will be distributing these equipments in 3 places across Goa so that incase any one requires temporary help , no need to travel to Porvorim. 
We have kept such equipments at :
Cavelossim for Salcette & Murmugao taluka,
Queoem for talukas from the hinterlands ,
Porvorim for entire North Goa talukas . 
We also have many many such disabled people In our shelter homes who also at times require such equipment to move around and use. 
Over the last few years we have been giving such equipment out to those in need and 50% of the time it never came back and reasons may be genuine but we could not verify . 
Now through this Bank , one will need to keep a deposit and take the equipment. 
When you return the equipment , we will refund the deposit. 
Deposit varies based on the equipment taken. 
For genuinely poor and those from backward areas , we will verify 1st and if found to be genuine , we might consider,  otherwise everyone justs wants to take and keep without any reasons saying ” in the future we might require “. 
Without deposit it's not going to work . 
Over the last 4 years we thank many such benefactors who have given us such medical aids for our shelter homes and today we are giving back to Society in a very small way through this Bank. 
If you reading this post , have such second hand equipments for the disabled which you don't use or don't require , please give it to our bank 
It should be in good usable condition worthy of giving to others to use. 
We will put it to good use as and when the poor require the same. 
We also accept and require for our shelter homes :
Adult diapers, cotton , wet wipes , reusable and washable under pads , etc . 
We also need medications if it's in proper condition and within date . 
Twitter : @streetproviden1 
As usual strictly no calling , only thru WhatsApp on 8380097564. 
God bless you 
Donald Fernandes
8380097564 /7020314848