14.2.2022. 7pm IST.   ( Long post )   Part 1 
STREET PROVIDENCE requires an Ambulance , manpower and Financial Aid to help  300 + poor Niz Goenkars , suffering from Disabilities  (PWDs) get their Dsability Certificate & their UDID Cards made. 
This data of 300+ PWDs has been confirmed by the Social Welfare Department,  Panaji. 
Main benefit of the disability certificate is :
☆ Bus / train Concession 
☆ Education benefits 
☆ Job benefits 
☆ Monthly pension 
☆ Free medical treatment across India in ☆ any Government hospital ,
☆ Free disability aids time to time from Government,
☆ Etc . 
Poor Niz Goenkars  have a right to acquire both  ” the disability certificate & the UDID CARD ” but the paperwork and numerous visits to the hospital is the need of the hour . 
Many are not even aware of their right to acquire their disability certificate. 
Ther are 21 Disability types in India . 
The process includes  acquiring a Certificate from the designated Government hospital in Goa and once a physical examination is done which can take between 3 to 9 months depending on the disabilty , then a UDID card is issued. 
Both these process are an ONLINE one. 
The Disability certificate is issued first and is the basis for being given a UDID Card which can be used to avail of the above mentioned benefits 
But why am I telling you all this ? And how do I know all this ? 
Well, our NGO has been involved in rescuing and  rehabilitating  people with disabilites since 2017 and empowering them with Disability certificates and UDID cards. 
Our team at the NGO  has helped many  street people acquire the  above 2 documents. 
Its a tedious , tiring  , complicated and  stressful procedure and I am grateful that our team has relentlessly pushed to get help for the poor. 
My heart beats and I feel sad that many many poor people across Goa are struggling for this documents. 
Director of Social Welfare,  has accepted our request  to organize a camp to help the poor in Goa to acquire both above documents.  
A letter was issued by the Department to provide a dedicated staff to from the Department to partner with the STREET PROVIDENCE team and reach out to as  many such poor  people who need help from our team  FREE OF COST to enable them acquire the documents. 
Letter attached. From. DIRECTOR. 
Our NGO is a frontrunner and has always stepped into unchartered waters however risky this might be if we know this will help the poor and the impoverished.  
This is one such unique project. 
We COULD choose to stick our heads in the sand like the proverbial Ostrich and not bother about people  in Goa who are struggling for the disability certifcate & UDID . 
But that's not how we function. 
God wants us to reach out to others through the talents given to us . 
And that's why we require an Ambulance to transport the disabled (especially those unable to sit, bedridden or differently abled)  to the government hospitals for the physical  examination along with their relatives as we can't take that responsibility. 
We will provide only free transport and guide the Pwds and his relatives to various counters and doctors on the day of the appointment. 
Our driver cum attendant can't take responsibility of the Pwds and hence 2 to 3 family members will have to be taken along in the ambulance. 
Many of these people live in far flung remote villages in Goa away from the Government Hospitals  and have access only to  sporadic public transport 
List attached with this post ( north & south ). 
Besides transport,  manpower is required as mentioned below:- 
☆ 1. Four Ground staff to fill their forms at their doorsteps, check & upgrade missing info and upload online.
☆ 2 . Two Back office staff to coordinate with the Disabled person & hospitals for appointments, and coordinate with the drivers to take them for their appointment.
☆ 3. Two Drivers cum attendant to take the Disabled from their home to the hospital and back and update the back office staff of the nature of that visit
Petrol Costs for ground staff  and the Ambulances are also required to make this possible 
Reading this might make you stressed . 
But that's what AGAPE is all about . 
Reaching out to others who we don't know and who can never ever come back to help us is the need of the hour. 
Our services are not SOCIAL SERVICES . 
Rest assured —- we have no political aspirations and will never contest any political  elections. 
And we  willl never personally  meet all these 300+ families across Goa as there will be a team running this program. 
We, Thank God for giving us an opportunity to reach out to 300+ Disabled Persons  and help them acquire the UDID Card and thus qualify for a life long Pension so that they may live a life of Dignity and self respect. 
One thing for sure , there will be many genuine cases from these 309+ Pwds who will badly require help for rehabilitation even if it's for a few days . 
And we Have ready infrastructure for men only incase there is a demand. 
We will help for sure . 
So this project has back ward & forward integration. 
Please join us in this project by helping us to  fund this project. 
Special Thanks  to the Ex. Director Mr Joshi who showed empathy to the problems faced by poor villagers in getting the UDID Cards and issued an Official Letter to  help in that regard. 
I cannot end this post without mentioning and appreciating a very special and sincere  young Goan man at the Social Welfare dept , Mr Gaurish for being the link between our NGO , the current 300+ Pwds & the dept ( including the Government hospitals). 
Everything goes through him. 
On the downside , since the  last 6 to 7 months, despite all documentation being submitted, UDID Cards are not  generated due to technical issues in the system generating the Cards especially those suffering from Intellectual & mental disabilities. 
And close to 25 such cases stuck up are from our NGO . 
One can imagine the stress and a anxiety  to the affected  PWDs. 
My earnest appeal to all those reading this post……….please step forward and help in whatever way you can. 
Let's come together to make life more comfortable and more appealing to all our Disabled Brother and Sisters in Goa. 
Mog asundi!!!! 
All query and further info if needed will be given either through whatsap only on 8380097564 or you can drop by to our office at Sangolda , with a prior appointment. 
We invite other similar NGO having trained field staff focusing on Pwds joining in this program.  
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020324848 
( Will be carried forward in Part 2 )