21.1.2022. 7pm IST 
Right to Live and live lively is our right. 
But what happens when you are down and out and everyone justs ignores you , due to poverty,  sickness, misfortune, etc. 
Mr Abdul , a young man , but got his motives wrong and ended up in a public hospital, diagnosed with severe liver issues due to alcohol . 
May be Uneducated, uncivilized, lost and lonely. 
14th Nov 2021, picked from Chicalim Health Centre in a very weak and sad state . 
Attached his 3 min video of the last 2 months . 👇
Was on a pamper , could not even stand forget walk, in a dazed state , violent and 
un co cooperative. 
But the team and care givers in our home did their best with nutritious food and friendly environment and constant encouragement that today he is fine and normal . 
Today is about 2 months. 
Abdul , is back to being a normal human being . 
Learnt to control his bowels movements , so no pamper ,
Eats, sleeps , bathes , all by himself ,
Washes the plates of 30+ inmates, 
Even sweeps and mops the floor . 
The best part is ” Abdul now cleans up other 
bed ridden and incapicated men on Pampers without being told “. 
That shows his mind is active , he understands that he was like that Before , he knows the feeling of being helped and cared for. 
Most of his teeth are lost to tobacco so it makes him eat slowly and when he talks his words are little difficult to grasp . 
A man left unwanted due to many reasons. 
But all such cases are taken in by our NGO without any discrimination provided we can handle their medical issues. 
It's certainly satisfying to see such men beating all odds and attempting to Try to get back their lives In their own possible ways . 
Its not been easy handing Abdul but it's only due to the patience of the team and care givers , timely medication and hospital follow up, counseling and constant motivation and nutrition that we have managed to get Altaf back on track . 
Dr Anil , boss of Chicalim Health Centre,  has been constantly directing and recommending such homeless street men to our shelter. 
Good Dr , understands that such men have a chance to start their life again in our NGO. 
If you know such men in Goa , stuck up and abandoned in any Government hospitals, then let us know through whatsap only . 
We might be able to help provided our team agrees and understands the medical treatment. 
You support to us through your donations both in kind and cheque is what makes us go back to the streets, hospitals, police stations searching for the lost . 
Please support our NGO generously. 
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God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
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