20.1.2022  5pm IST 
Food wastage is a big crime against the hungry in India and one of the best ways to address this wastage is to encourage and support organized Food banks ( especially in cooked food segment) . 
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Requesting the Central Government of India, to understand and support the dynamics of channelising this excess cooked food through FOOD BANKS to be served to the poor 
☆ Rewind May 2017. 
Goa's 1st Food Bank Fridge  started in Sangolda Goa ( and it still operates at the same spot ) is open 24*7. 
What started initially as a one off idea , slowly ended up covering the  entire state of Goa with close to 38 such Fridges being installed. 
Social media platforms like :
▪︎ Whatsapp 
▪︎ Facebook
▪︎Instagram etc 
was used to create an awareness of the presence of the FOOD BANK that was accepting edible cooked food that would then be distributed to the poor. 
The response was and is very  encouraging and many more Food Freezers were installed in Goa. 
Hence we intend to always use these social media platforms to spread our message. 
From May 2017 till Feb 2020, Food Bank for the Poor, Sangolda , through our many many volunteers accepted and delivered cooked food to hundreds if not thousands of needy people daily . 
And then  Covid 19 struck ! 
SOCIAL MEDIA  connected us to these  Company canteens 5 years ago. 
♡ 1.Deccan Fine Chemicals Pvt Ltd,  Corlim
♡ 2. Colgate Palmolive India Pvt Ltd, Kundaim
♡ 3. Cremeaux Bakeries Pvt Ltd,  Corlim 
Thanks to social media, they  were aware of our Food Bank Project, and started giving us their excess fresh food daily . 
☆ May 2022, will be 5 years for this generous act
For a moment  please visualize the amount of food that is picked up in the last 5 years and served to the needy. 
Thousands and thousands of Kgs of food in the last 5 years. 
I am sure the  Owners/Management of these company canteens and the Bakery will be delighted   that tons of food given by them to our Food Bank over the last 5 years, helped feed and nourish the poor instead of being thrown in the dustbin. 
☆ I an also grateful to :
♡ 1. Navtara group of Restaurants
♡ 2. Dr Britto from Fortune Hotel Candolim 
♡ 3. Caterers Association of Goa 
♡ 4. Hotel Radison & Hotel Dona Sylvia and 

so many other generous eateries and canteens who have given food to the hungry  from July 2017 till Feb 2020 ( pre Pandemic 1st wave) daily . 
♡♡ Thanks to all these generous persons, Food Bank for the Poor, Sangolda, through its volunteers  fed thousands of kgs of fresh, edible food to the poor and hungry across Goa. 
But that all changed when  Covid -19  struck in March 2020. 
Caterers, hotels, Restaurants etc were forced to pull down their shutters and  all the extra food stopped. This situation continues till date 
Here I would like to mention that initially for 2 years, our Shelter Homes  depended on this Food Bank Program to feed all residents 
Few positive aspect of Our Food Bank program : 
¤ 1.Till date no FOOD related issue ever surfaced either publicly or on social media. 
¤ 2. Volunteers both young and old got an opportunity to feed the poor on a common platform in an organized manner . 
¤ 3. Food from weddings and parties were generously donated to our fridges. 
¤ 4  Rules and regulations to start a food bank were formulated much after we started the program. 
I remember approaching the authorities for a Food Bank License in July 2017 and they promised to  get back which they did much much later. 
With inflation at all time high, prices of even essential items skyrocketing and poverty levels growing by leaps and bounds, the poor are desperately looking for food for themselves and their families. 
The silver lining to this gloomy reality is that there is enough of excess food to  donate to food banks and feed all the hungry people if the powers that be support and help to make this dream a reality. 
The fright of food poisoning once sorted out by the Government will open up this free service across India to thousands if not lakhs of poor people who might just get one nutritious meal because of FOOD BANKS . 
The Central Government could offer incentives to those donating food to food banks as a motivating factor to get them  involved and active . 
FMCG distributors and Sales Representatives could  be encouraged  not to destroy packaged food expiring within a few days before expiry , but instead to hand over  food items to Food banks to feed the poor . 
with  close to 5 years of experience,  
ready infrastructure,  volunteers,  and database of hundreds of poor people in need of food. 
We need the support of The Central Government of India to enable and strengthen all Food Banks through its various schemes . 
Before I end,  I wish to express my  deepest gratitude ,sincere and heartfelt thanks to each and every volunteer who assisted me in my dream of starting Goa's 1st Food bank Program —'– ” GOD BLESS YOU & YOUR FAMILY “. 
Food Bank for The Poor , would not be a success  without your assistance and cooperation. 
Some day , hoping to work with all our old volunteers like before as we restart each and every Food Freezer and provide fresh food to every hungry person in Goa. 
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