24.12.2021  6pm IST 
☆☆☆ It's CHRISTMAS eve and I take this opportunity to wish you all A Very Merry Christmas filled with Love, Joy & Peace ☆☆☆
Most of us who celebrate Christmas,  decorate our homes with decorations , lights , etc. 
In this post , our NGO lit up a poor Goan lady home , by providing her a new electrical connection on 22.12.2021 . 
Attached a 3  min video 👇
Part Konkanni & part English 
♡♡ Mrs Akshata Pagi,  is based in Poingonnim,  Canacona and is really struggling to survive . 
A Dialysis patient with two children and a husband who is not fully fit to work . 
Woman works in Palolem doing some manual work and stays in Poinguinim which is approx 
15 kms one way and she travels by bus . 
Struggling with many issues in life she built her own house 2 years back but her health failed her. 
Our Volunteer, Mrs Sharon from Chaudi , who runs a small garment shop,  has been distributing dry ration and other items to approx 30 such families across various villages in the Taluka of Canacona for over 1 year now . 
Akshata got in touch with Sharon last year in the month of December 2020 and we started helping her . 
She can only charge her phone when she goes to work, so communicating with her is like dialing the Astronauts in Space or the mountain climbers on Mount Everest . 
Infact her daughter has missed her 9th std clases last year , and left school,  as it was online only and there was no electricity to charge the phone and also no IPhone as Mrs Akshata has a simple phone. 
And no one knows when Akshata goes to work and when she is not well as there is no phone and no electricity to charge the phone at home . 
For many months I am told she was so sick that she has been in and out of hospital due to complications in her body . 
♡♡ But all Thanks and a big Pat to Sharon who from October 2021 , has been consistently chasing this lady :
▪︎To get her documents filled up , 
▪︎Get the health noc , 
▪︎Make the file , 
▪︎Get the test report, 
▪︎Get the electrican to do the wiring, 
▪︎Submitt the file,  
▪︎Follow up with the JE & AE
▪︎Pay the fees ,
Our NGO paid for all this right from scratch till the electricity was installed on 22.12.2021. 
We covered the :
▪︎Paper work cost 
▪︎Wiring cost 
▪︎Electrican charges cost 
▪︎Gadgets and equipments 
▪︎Earthing pit 
▪︎Etc . 
But it's was Sharon & her husband who spent alot of time , energy , sweat,  going from here to there , etc just to get the job complete . 
On top of that I was putting pressure on Sharon to see that the connection was released well before Christmas. 
For Sharon & myself,  this is Christmas. 
We went out of our way , not on our ABILITY but on our AVAILABILITY for Mrs Akshata, to see that her house has electricity after 2 years of being built . 
I went there only once last year . 
No hype , no much publicity, no fancy video but only our commitment to STEP OUT OF OUR COMFORT ZONE TO MAKE OTHERS LIFE COMFORTABLE. 
♡♡ Special thanks to :
☆ Health Inspector of Canacona health centre , 
☆ Mr Pranay Naik , 
☆ Mr Anup Rane, AE , Electricity Dept 
☆ Mr D. Chari , JE , Electricity Dept 
For moving the paper work without any hassle and trouble, as usually we feel that everyone is just asking for a bribe to clear paperwork. 
These 3 officers were really kind , considerate and very helpful inspite of being occupied with so many other works as Election fever is on and Christmas is around the corner . 
If you wish to help this lady with house hold equipment , basic furniture or any other way please let me know. 
It's best to take a trip to her home, to see the lovely country side of Canacona as well understand how blessed we are in our confortable homes while many such goan people may be struggling, for no fault of theirs. 
If you know any such poor goan families struggling for such basic amenities especially electricity please let me know . 
We will study matter and surely help provided all documents are in proper order and there are no land disputes. 
Twitter : @streetproviden1 
As usual strictly no calling , only thru WhatsApp on 8380097564. 
God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848 
We take a short break and will restart our work on Monday . 
Enjoy and be happy. 
It's Christmas.