23.12 2021  6pm IST 
Shri Sreedharan Pillai ji ,  hands over a Grant to our NGO for our 5 shelter homes . 
And a big one. 
Patience is a Virtue . 
Definition: The ability to wait for something without frustration is a useful skill and a good aspect of one's personality. 
Three months back , in mid Sept, 2021, 
The Honourable Governor of Goa , had announced Grants to institutions like old aged Homes,  orphanages,  shelter homes etc to celebrate the 71st birthday of our Honourable  Prime Minister of India. 
An application with the necessary information was sent by our NGO  within two days . 
Subsequently we were called  to the Raj Bhavan to discuss the modalities for receiving the Grant at the hands of the Hon. Governor. 
However on  9th Oct 2021, Grants were distributed at a solemn ceremony at Raj Bhavan but we were not in that list. 
In Mid November, the  Secretary to the Honourable Governor visited one of our Shelter homes at Assnora to  see for himself the work of rescue and rehabilitation undertaken . 
Assonora Shelter Home is home to the  most complicated medical cases – physical and psychological ! 
But was selected as the other 4  Shelter Homes are small and it would be difficult to accommodate the Governor and his entourage. 
But the approach road to Our Assnora Home posed a problem – unmotorable especially  for a dignitary like The Honourable Governor . 
In addition, approximately 1 km of the road is non existent with only a dirt road to travel on.  
Too many obstacles and our NGO was not sure if we will get this grant or even if His Exvellency  The Honorable Governor would  visit our  Shelter Home . 
Social Media abounds with news and photographs of other NGOs having received a Grant of Rs 1 lac each.  
This feels awful. We have received nothing . 
But the surprise is just round the corner! 
On 16th Dec 2021,   STREET PROVIDENCE  is invited to the  Raj Bhavan , and The Honourable Governor of Goa , handed over the Grant ! 
But not Rs 1 Lac ……… but much much more than that . 
I was shocked and am still yet to get over this grant . 
Very gracious and kind of THE HONOURABLE GOVERNOR OF GOA, Shri Sreedharan Pillai ji to release this grant to our small NGO. 
STREET PROVIDENCE is  the youngest and the smallest  NGO in Goa & one of the last to get this Grant on the occasion  of the 71st birthday of our Honourable Prime Minister of India , Mr Narendra Modiji. 
We are thrilled and excited at this recognition. 
And that's not all – The Honourable Governor of Goa , invited our NGO along with many other NGOs to The Raj Bhavan today , 23.12.21 for a small function followed by lunch . 
This proves the maxim that……….
Those who are 1st will be last &
Those who are last will be 1st . 
I thank God , that being a person who is Work In Progress ( W,I.P) regarding PATIENCE,  I did not loose hope during this entire waiting period from applying for the Grant in Sept 21 to receiving the Grant on 16.12.2021. 
The Honourable Governor of Goa , has really been Very  Very Generous to our NGO , inspite of not visiting our Shelter home . 
Hard work counts and counts much at the right time. 
Looking forward some day to meeting 
The Honourable Governor of Goa, with an appointment,  to present to him the work we do in Goa and the issues faced by our NGO whilst  working  consistently towards eradicating Hunger & homeless in Goa . 
This post is to spread a message that ” I salute The Honourable Governor of Goa for recognizing those working for poorest of the poor “. 
It's not who got how much , but who is going out of their way and comfort zone to help those who require help. 
God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
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