22.12.2021  7pm IST 
I take this opportunity to wish each and every one of you A Blessed and Spirit Filled Christmas. 
This year our NGO decided to celebrate Christmas more with those suffering from hunger , poverty and Homelessness 
This is what we did right from the start of December and will go till the year ends . 
☆ 1. We are feeding from 2nd Dec ,150 breakfast every alternate day in Guirim & Sangolda , which is supported by the members of SSVP, which will go on for a few months. 
☆ 2. A Old Goan Widow in Usgaon Dharbandora house was completely destroyed due to the floods and she received a grant from the Government to reconstruct her house which was insufficient. 
We adjusted / kept on hold a major work in our New Quepem home and that money we gave this widow. 
Our Quepem men atleast have a home , but this lady till 20 days back was desperate to get her house completed. 
It's getting completely I was told . 
☆ 3. We raised thru social media, gifts and resources for 212 Orphans across 8 shelter homes which is being sent out,  as we are yet to get a few items ( ordered but on the way). 
☆ 4. A new shelter home at Quepem for homeless men has been started which enables us to get off another 80 such men from the streets. 
☆ 5. We sent 100 dry ration kits out :
    60 to Khandepar , flood affected for families 
    30 to canacona , to our poor goan families 
    10 to panjim , to daily wage goan families 
☆ 6. We brought electricity to the home of a poor goan woman suffering from Dialysis  in Poingonnim , Canacona , who is really sick and last one year has been in and out of hospital. 
Did new wiring , paper work , electrical equipment,  etc .  A to Z . Paid for by our NGO . 
Just now at 5 pm the connection was realized. 
☆ 7. New sarees , towels , nighties , sleeping mats going out to 30 poor goan ladies across Canacona. 
☆ 8. A Very poor old lonely goan widow house in Guirim is being painted both inside and outside as it will make her feel bright and happy. 
Request came last night and work started today. 
☆ 9. But our focus will always be on picking up homeless street men only ( as In our women home we are overloaded and we can't take more ) and we will go on doing this service. 
For me and my family Christmas is about :
▪︎Feeding the hungry,
▪︎Clothing the naked,
▪︎Shelter the homeless 
▪︎Visiting the sick, 
▪︎Forgiving the offender, 
▪︎Comforting the grievin. 
And this is what we do ( the 1st four  ) round the year  365 days at our Ngo with the blessing of our generous benefactors. 
I may be writing this post and saying I / we / our Ngo is doing all this. 
No , it's you , our generous benefactors who are the ones who help us reach out to so many poor people daily across Goa . 
Once again I wish each and every one of you and your family , A very Merry , Spirit Filled,  Blessed Christmas. 
Twitter : @streetproviden1 
As usual strictly no calling , only thru WhatsApp on 8380097564. 
God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848