4.11.2021.  8 Pm IST 
GOA POLICE , provides Help to this homeless lady on this day of DIWALI , THE FESTIVAL OF LIGHT. 
STREET PROVIDENCE TRUST GOA, wishes you all A Very Happy Diwali, the festival of lights. 
Today Mr Sagar , a Policeman from Vasco Police Station , brought light to this old abandoned women by making a call to me asking if we can help . 
Imagine if Mr Sagar, had ignored her and driven her away. 
Also without the support of Mr Hassan Khan,  this lady would be still on the streets. 
Read on. 
A few days ago , i received a call from 
Mrs Mona, Vasco city , asking to help this old lady , Mrs Parvati. 
Parvati is homeless and has lost her only daughter, a few months/ years ago , as I gather and is roaming around Vasco. 
Being a migrant , she has her own share of troubles in her old age. 
Mrs Mona gets in touch with the Government shelter home who complicates the issue by requesting a letter from the municipality stating she is from Vasco city . 
Mrs Mona approaches the councilor who agrees to give the letter but Mona does not receive the letter. 
In the meantime the lady must have been sent to the police station to request for help from Street Providence. 
Today morning , Sagar , calls me requesting for help . 
We agree. 
Immediately I call Mr Hassan our volunteer from Vasco. 
Inspite of being a holiday , Hassan volunteers to help &  we agree to hire the taxi & accompany the police. Etc . 
Finally all agree to get this lady off the streets. 
Since it's Diwali, we understand the Police will be patrolling so they can't provide their car. 
We hire a car as this lady needs treatment at the IPHB and our team at porvorim is on other duty so we can't send a car from porvorim . 
Parvati is under stress and is having issues with her mind. 
Moving Parvati directly into our home is not proper as she will disturb others . 
Vasco Police Station agrees to get a Magistrate Order but 2 problems occur. 
1. No extra police car 
2. Today courts are closed 
But its DIWALI and that lady requires to get off the streets. 
Goa Police, Sub Inspector Mrs. Santos E Fernandes PSI of Vasco Police station & 
Lady constanle Mrs. Shainaz Desai from Vasco PS & Hassan , drive to Margao , to  the Magistrate residence,  who is very kind to sign the order . 
Then drive back to Chicalim Health Centre for the medical & then drive to IPHB , Bambolim for admission and treatment. 
If we can do it as an NGO ,  what stops the Government shelter home which is suppose to do this work , from doing the same. 
Unwanted complications and unwanted  paper work . 
This Is the job of the Local Municipalities and the agency which is the authority to get such homeless people off the streets from all municipalities of Goa. 
Its way past 7 pm and her medical examination like CT Scan Etc is done at GMC before she is actually admitted into IPHB. 
Incase any one recognizes her and her family pls get in touch with us on whatsapp on 8380097564. 
Our team and our volunteers are covering entire Goa and our services are free. 
Thanks to Goa Police for the support in our fight against homelessness in Goa . 
It's a struggle where poor and homeless are concerned. 
We are there and everywhere in Goa with our team and our volunteers,  trying to help whenever there is a Request. 
God has brought committed and compassionate volunteers to our NGO who share my dream of helping people on the streets of Goa  
It's all case to case basis. 
The informant does his / her part and we do our part. 
We have a procedure to help the homeless and we use the support of Goa Police before picking up any homeless person as anything can go wrong and we would not like to be caught on the wrong foot. 
The support Of Goa Police for the last 4 years across major police stations towards our NGO in our fight against homelessness is very encouraging and well accepted. 
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INCOME TAX act, once you donate to our NGO. 
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God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
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