8.11.2021  7pm IST 
This post has a poster attached which says by Dec 2020 I will be taking care of 500 homeless people. 
And now we are in Nov 2021 and I am only taking care of ONLY 100 homeless people . 
We all Dream and we try to live that dream, no matter how long it takes to materialize. 
My dream is still to take care of 500 homeless,  old , people with disabilities, etc in Goa . 
So why this type of dream in today's world. 
Read on 
From 2004 to 2012 , my life was a confusion. 
I am introduced to  this man in 2012 ( who is a bigger dreamer than me if I can call him a dreamer). 
But this man was strictly working ON THE WORD. 
I started volunteering with him in his work and learnt lots of things including rehabilitating alcoholic men. 
He had at that time about 50 men in his rehabilitation home but the capacity was about 200. 
And he went on speaking his dream whenever I met him during those 2 years . 
By 2014 , this man helped me to get over all my problems , WITH THE WORD and I decided to do something for the poor , abandoned,  homeless,  people with disabilites , alcoholic , etc . 
It is a gratitude towards God for helping me over come all my problems and giving me this blessed life of reaching out to the poorest of the poor in Goa. 
We parted ways in 2014 from his set up,  but kept in touch everytime he visited Goa . 
I attended his teachings and followed him on you tube  and realized that if he can rehab 50 men so can I. 
It took me a few years to get this dream into action . 
From mid 2014 till mid 2017 , God provided me resources to create so many projects as that time there was no NGO . 
After numerous small projects like the food bank fridges , Ambulance for the poor , free water taps, etc in Dec 2017 , our Ngo started our 1st home for the homeless street men . 
Some where early 2019 , our NGO got a massive building which could actually hold 500 homeless people under one roof . 
My dream was there right Infront of me . 
I was excited that I will be able to look after 500 homeless,  poor , abandoned goan men & women. 
But that dream stsrted getting shattered early Jan 2020,  but the poster had been made in Jan 2019. 
Some where late 2019 , this man who I follow , started a real dream to build and look after 500 men under one roof in the same place where I met him in 2012. 
20 % of the structure was up and I said to myself ” FANTASTIC, Praise God “. 
But like me,  his dream too collapsed and not the structure and by Feb 2020 , he moved away from that place . 
I understood his pain and brokenness of not being able to live that dream of his . 
Early Jan 2021 , we moved out of that big building just within 1 year of entering it and spending alot of money . 
Forgiven and moved ahead. 
In March 2020 , 1st wave and then May 2021 , 2nd Wave, but our NGO still was able to look after only 100 people as the was a space constraint. 
But I held on to my dream and went on posting this same poster at times just to remind me about my dream . 
And many wrote back to me saying,  bro ” we are in 2021 , but your poster is saying 2020.” 
Very soon  it will be JAN 2022, & we will be able to add another 100 , ie 80 men & 20 women as two more homes are starting. 
Men's home in Quepem Taluka  & women home in Salcette Taluka. 
So our capacity will be 200 , and not yet 500. 
But God has better plans and plans which are for my Welfare and not destruction. 
There are Two big homes ,  built in 2011 in Quepem Taluka , which is lying unoccupied & this is where God is taking me and we intend to rent these homes. 
1st home can hold 80 men and the 2nd home can hold another 100 men . 
When this 2nd home starts the capacity will be 300. 
Still not close to 500. 
Same compound both homes . 
But I will believe and live the dream what the poster says with this post. 
We were starting to renovate the small home 1st ,  which can hold 80 men , as it's a one month job costing Rs 1500000 to get going and running. 
This 1st home built strictly for rehabilitation with 20 rooms is able to hold 4 men per room with attached washrooms . 
I know deep down in my heart , I will one day live that dream of helping and rehabilitating 500 homeless people thanks to my Teacher who for those 2 years gave me an opportunity to learn and understand HOW THE WORD is to be lived and believed. 
I am sure My Teacher ( who is a bigger dreamer than me ) still has his dream . 
No one knows Gods Plan . 
So please don't mind reading a poster saying by Dec 2020 , we will rehabilitating 500 people . 
Looking forward to your prayers and support as I live my dream of taking in, many many poor goans suffering from depression , alcohol,  mental & physical disabilities , Homelessness,  those abandoned by their families,  the old and infirmed , unwed mothers and people suffering from Hiv, etc . 
Anybody homeless in Goa who requires a place to stay and two meals to eat along with medication will be accommodate , Subject to procedure and rules . 
And it's all FREE,  NO CHARGES for the poorest of the poor  . 
Approx 25 years back , one man changed my Teacher direction. 
Approx 10 years back my Teacher changed my directions and so many like me had their directions changed. 
Today I have an opportunity to reach out to so many homeless,  sick , old , abandoned   etc. 
I and you togther can step out of OUR COMFORT ZONE to MAKE OTHERS LIFE COMFORTABLE. 
If you are inspired like me to help the homeless and the poorest of the poor in Goa , then please get in touch with me through whatsapp only on 8380097564. 
No calling please as my phone is already having alot of traffic. 
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848