2.4.2021  1pm IST 
A desperate elderly Goan mother , burdened to see her educated son on the streets of Margao , makes us at Street Providence get help to him and get him off the streets early this morning on 
♡♡ ” You are blessed to be given chance to live,  
Make use of it and be a blessing just like 
what Jesus Christ is to us “- Have a Good Friday. 
Few days back , an elderly mother calls me and requests to rehabilitate her son on the streets of Margao. 
Yet to meet her. 
An educated man who a few years back worked as a pastry chef Commi in a leading 5 star hotel in south Goa , but due to many reasons beyond the mother control was living on the streets . 
Mental issues can affect anyone at any time.  
Got, Mr John Baptist our volunteer from Margao involved who befriended him and for 7 days his mother would cook food & John would serve him 
Today at 6am , inspite of being Good Friday , we left for Margao along with our Volunteer Doctor. 
Can u imagine a Doctor leaving his home at 6am to help a homeless man ? 
As we reached the place in Margao, the homeless man was not in his regular place. 
But natural for us . Darkness tried to keep him away from us . 
John and Doctor move on a bike and locate the man after searching for him , locate him in a side lane,  sleeping near an open drain infront of a shop . 
John speaks to him. 
The man recognizes Prakash . 
When Doctor starts speaking to the man , he listens . 
Doctor made just 1 statement which was the turning point which made this man agree to get off the streets and come with us . 
Doctor checks his BP which is a bit high and does a blood test right on the street. 
Attached the pictures and 2 short videos of 
3 min each . 👇
This man has been quite aggressive in the past in the vicinity of Margao. 
He was picked up by Goa police quite often but due to his aggressive nature difficult to handle and was always seen back on the streets. 
According to Doctor , the man will be treated for mental issues as well as detoxification. 
But it's a good sign that that We had the Favour Of God to get him of the streets without he being aggressive. 
Although we had stopped picking people from Margao & Fatorda area in the last 4 months due to our home being shut by the CONGREGATION,  yet today on GOOD FRIDAY , I decided to forgive and move ahead . 
No point I feel in observing Good Friday if I have anger and hurt feeling in my heart . 
From today we will accept homeless street people from both MARGAO & FATORDA area if there are such people. 
I bless those who trouble me and accuse me, as a result of which the home in Margao got shut. 
But i realised I am taking out my disappointment on the homeless from these 2 areas which is wrong. 
Rest God will decide and judge. 
We have sown lacs of Rupees in the Margao home when we entered and while leaving the home,  we infact kept back a few lacs worth of things back as we were told that the CONGREGATION is starting something. 
Last 4 months it's still empty . 
While FATORDA & MARGAO have got quite alot of homeless people looking for shelter. 
We all had a light breakfast in a restaurant in margao and even took the man into the restaurant and boosted his confidence. 
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God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
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