16.3 .2021 6pm IST
STREET PROVIDENCE TRUST GOA not only feeds , cleans and rehabilitates homeless street people but we also re unite these homeless people with their families. 
♡♡ Thanks to our volunteer Doctor who speaks many languages and takes alot of trouble understanding such homeless people as he is a PHYSIATRIST. 
Alot of our homeless men are now feeling better and have started remembering their past , their address , other details. 
Vijay was missing last 7 years from Belgaum area.
His brother searched him in many many cities but in vain .
This is how we found Vijay in Dec 2018 👇
You must open this link and read 
Thanks to a young girl Miss Jagmeet Kaur from Ponda who in dec 2018 followed up with us to get help to vijay of the streets just outside GMC Bambolim. 
Vijay had a big rotten leg , with maggots and worms in it .
Looks like 1 car went over his leg and it got messed up .
He was for months begging and living on the streets and had put on alot of weight .
Got him admitted into the hospital and got that foot amputated and then rehabilitated him into our home.
Once in our home we used to do the dressing of his wound with follow up in the hospital. 
Jan 2021 , our Doctor , decided that now Vijay needs to go back home as we had all details .
One of our care givers, was going back to belgaum and agreed to take Vijay home.
The care giver located his address and his brother was full of JOY & HAPPINESS to see him .
Attached a 1 min video of vijay and his brother.👇
Vijay is on medication, and his brother has promised to administer the daily dose to Vijay without fail. 
Many people had called me from Oct 2018 to help Vijay get off the streets, but non followed thr procedures. 
Thanks to Miss Jagmeet Kaur, who brought new life to Vijay by following the instructions.
♡♡ This is GOENKARPONN ♡♡
Humanity has to be lived and shared not preached and spoken about .
I feel disappointed that these few months we must have missed many such men like Vijay, as we are really running short of space. 
We desperately require a very very big home to take in more street men who if not picked up are either kicking the bucket or might just end up in a bigger mess living in pain and misery .
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We offer you 50% , income tax exemption under Section 80G.
Donations in cheque/ NEFT with your pan card copy. 
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God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
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