14.3.2021 11am IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE TRUST GOA , congratulates our 7 Goan government officials who recently have been promoted to the IAS cadre .
These fine gentleman today have an opportunity to do much for the poorest of the poor including the homeless and hungry
with their current promotion. 
☆ Mr. Menino D'Souza
☆ Mr. Narayan Sawant
☆ Mr. Sanjit Rodrigues
☆ Mr. Sanjiv Gadkar
☆ Mr. Yetindra Maralkar
☆ Mr. Prasad Lolayekar
☆ Mr. Michael D'Souza
This post is about my classmate 
Mr Michael Dsouza from Khorlim, Mapusa.
Michael is currently holding the post of 
Director ( Training ) & Secretary, 
Goa Institute of Public Admin & Rural Development.
Old Goa .
Michael D’Souza, considered to be one of the finest officers in the state administration, served as additional secretary (finance) for over a decade, and also as additional secretary to the former chief minister.
Michael has been a natural leader right from his school days at St Britto's, Mapusa. 
He later pursued his engineering degree and joined the Civil services where he has served the Government in several crucial departments. 
After I finished Std X in 1991 , i never ever met Michael again till July 2017.
A man of simplicity & down to earth nature is what all our Ex St Britto boys ( now men) will vouch for. 
He is known for his integrity, honesty, clear vision and helpful nature. 
♡♡♡ Congratulations to Shri Michael D'Souza for being promoted to the IAS Cadre.
We at Street Providence are extremely grateful for his support and wish him a bright future. 
Surely the Lord is blessing him and his work.
During our early days as an NGO , navigating through the bureaucracy was the need of the hour .
We at Street Providence thank Michael for making two important calls to two Government officials in early 2018.
One call was to a Dysp of Goa Police and the other call was to a Director in the health services. 
Today the homeless are rehabilitated with the support of Goa Police and we get fantastic facilities at all Government Hospitals for these homeless people, all because Micahel understood my dream and picked up his phone and put in a good word of recommendation.
Both these calls till date have benefitted almost all the homeless in our homes, and will always be.
How many remember that video of the old Goan man , Mr Francis Lobo ,on the streets of Mumbai asking for help to get to Goa in july 2018 ?
Many are unaware that when Street Providence rescued late Francis Lobo from the streets of Mumbai in 2018, it was Michael Dsouza who supported this rescue. 
The CMO”s office was also involved in this rescue of a goan brethren from the streets of Mumbai as those days Goa Assembly was in session .
Happy to mention the support from Michael.
Psalm 5 : 12
♡♡ ” For it is You who 
Blesses the righteous man ,
You surround him 
With Favour as with a Shield “.♡♡
Once again its double Congratulations to Michael Dsouza.:
▪︎1. from the 1991 batch of St Britto High School, Mapusa 

▪︎2. All our Trustees, volunteers, care givers and our homeless street people in our homes @ Street Providence.
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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