27.2.2021 6pm IST 
FOOD BANK FOR THE POOR SANGOLDA GOA has been feeding the homeless street people for the last 3 years daily & consistently.
And it all started in Mapusa city , Goa .
☆☆ With Napolean , our oldest feeder cum volunteer who has stood with us for over 
3 years , daily , feeding the homeless between 7 to 7.30 pm , we cant ask for more. 
Watch the 7 min video , not taken professionally due to various reasons. 👇
♡♡ Napolean and Sapnesh both together work as a good team in Mapusa especially making our rehabilitation work look like very easy .
This has been the only city , where more than 150 such homeless street men who you see in the video , have got off the streets, into out homes and over a period of time gone back to restart their lives after their stay with us .
We @ Street Providence are proud to have the support of Goa Police @ Mapusa police station, headed by PI TUSHAR LOTLIKAR , who as a human being understands humanity and that humanity has been passed down to all the Sub Inspectors @ Mapusa police station & support staff, making this police station responsible for getting off the streets in the last 3 years, 150 such homeless people .
Imagine 1 police station and 1 inspector being involved with rehabilitating of 150 homeless from just 1 city .
Goa has approx 26 such police stations. 
From the food bank programme we moved to rehabilitation of these homeless people which resulted in Street PROVIDENCE, an NGO being formed and registered. 
Today ,
from a small food fridge in may 2017 , 
to multiple fridges, 
to 8 rehabilation homes ,
we now are putting a doctor on the streets attending to homeless street people. 
♡♡ We call it a MOBILE CLINIC ♡♡
Our converted ambulance is on the way and then the MOBILE CLINIC programe will be complete. 
We are blessed to be associated with a Dr who shares our passion for dealing with homeless people. 
Dr , has a full time job from 9 am to 5 pm , and then 6 pm to 9 pm , he accompanies us on the streets across Goa, wherever our food bank feeders are feeding daily. 
On Saturday evening and Sunday morning or even whole day , Dr visits our homes, medically examinng all our people in the homes as well as those taken off the streets the previous week .
In this way Dr is aware of the health condition of each and every person in our shelter homes. 
We are the only NGO in India who has been feeding homeless street people as well as rehabilitating them in our homes, simultaneously. 
And now we added a mobile Clinic. 
Our projects are completely out of the box and we are adding another one service for the homeless street people, never ever done before in Goa .
Your support is what makes us go forward. 
Without donations, from our consistent and faithful benefactors , its next to impossible to daily provide breakfast , lunch & dinner to close to 1000 such homeless people on the streets, as well as getting off the streets in the last 3 years , more than 300+ homeless people, of which at any point of time we will be sheltering 100 people in our homes .
At the moment , we are short of homes , especially a big big home , but today with sorrow, I can say minimum 50 homeless men and 10 women are desperate to get into a home ASAP from just 3 municipalities of Goa .
But we just dont have space. 
With fuel hitting the roof, our costs are rising and rising daily as 80% of the people in our homes are sick , old , incapacitated, wounded, blind , handicapped both mentality and physically.
Yet God in his Wisdom and kindness has supplied each and every need of our NGO inspite of the entire year being pandemic hit .
During the entire period of the lockdown, we fed numerous people and picked up more than 100 people from the streets inspite of serious threats of COVID 19.
We must be the only home among all types of shelter homes, old aged homes, institutions, etc who kept out kitchen open to feed on the streets as well as kept our shelter doors open to accept numerous homeless street people into our homes without giving reasons of the COVID 19.
And with the Favour of God , non of our people contracted Covid 19 till date .
We offer you 50% income tax exemption on all your donations under Section 80G.
We accept only CHEQUES / NEFT with your pan card copy .
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God bless you 
Donald Fernandes