17.2.2021 5pm IST 
This goan homeless man needs help to walk perfectly once again .
STREET PROVIDENCE TRUST, GOA gets Mr Devidas Phadte off the streets of panjim on 13.2.2020 with a wound on his leg wrapped up in a plastic bag. 
♡♡ Devidas has been for years sleeping outside a building in panjim next to HDFC & YES Bank .
From early 2018 we were trying to rehabilitate him as his wound was quite bad
But every time he refused. 
On 13.2.2020 , Amresh from Aldona called me .
Those days he would be unclean, smelly and would sleep under a tree. 
But we finally got Devidas off the streets on 13.2.2031 and he had alot of pain and worms on that foot .
Many trips were made to hospitals, doctors and nurses in the last 1 year .
Today his wound is completely healed as seen in the video.
Watch the 4 min video please 👇
Devidas balances and walks on that leg on his heal.
That foot can't touch the ground. 
I require advice what is the best way to get that foot to balance completely so that he can walk straight again.
Many times in the last 1 year we almost gave up in him as purposely he would go in the mud and dirt and dirty that leg .
Or he would have bath without tying a bag on that leg. 
And mind you that wound was fresh and oozing till may be 6 months ago .
It required daily dressing and cleaning which went on may be for almost 10 months. 
But today I am happy and proud that all our troubles and frustration have shown results
Otherwise If not for us , Devidas would be still on the streets, daily going for dressing to the hospital in that area and then again getting the same infection and pain back. 
We are that last resort for such extreme cases where usually no one touches such cases and such people except government hospitals. 
At times, medical condition of homeless people are so pathetic that it's just next to impossible to help, as the costs and hospital trips are too high to bear .
But what to do ?
We need to also live HUMANITY .
That's what Street Providence is all about .
And we can only do such work with your support and blessing. 
Inspite of :
☆ Rising costs 
☆ Few homes and more people to look after 
☆ Stretched resources 
☆ Multiple sickness in inmates 
☆ Etc , 
Yet we try our level best to reach out to as many as we can daily. 
No matter what one murmurs about me , I daily have enough of responsiblity of close to 100 people on my shoulders and if any one grumbling can do a better job than me please join in .
Try looking after just 1 family member for a month a see .
Here it's close to 100 people average and counting.
We require your support in :
▪︎Petrol vouchers 
▪︎ Resources/ donations. 
We offer you 50% income tax exemption under 80G .
We accept donation only through NEFT / CHEQUES along with your pan card copy .
Twitter : @streetproviden1
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As usual strictly no calling , only thru WhatsApp on 8380097564.
God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
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