13.2.2021 7pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE TRUST GOA, ♡♡ Thanks and is grateful to THE ROTARY CLUB , MAPUSA , for supporting us in the last 3 full years for taking care of Cataract eye operations of all our homeless street people. 

Attached a 5 min link of our gratitude towards Rotary Club .
It was under this Committee :
☆ President- Rtn Abhijeet Walke,
☆ Secretary and cataract coordinator – Rtn Rajesh Khedekar ,
☆ Past president and assistant Governor – Rtn Ajay Menon.
that we managed to get so many homeless street people free cataract surgery.
No written agreement, no documentation between Street PROVIDENCE & Rotary Club of Mapuca .
Only our work and service towards the homeless is what they have been seeing which has brought about such an association for the last 3 years .
It's been close 3 years and over 20+ cataract eye operations conducted freely at Vision Hospital, Mapusa , which has been taken care through THE ROTARY CLUB MAPUCA.
Infact today , we had 2 homeless goan men operated at vision hospital for cataract
Picture attached. 
Of which one man has been operated on his second eye .
The 1st eye was also operated a few months back also at VISION HOSPITAL thru The Rotary club of Mapusa .
The other goan man does not have an eye at all as it's dead completely. 
Next week 2 more old homeless men might be needed to be operated for cataract
Its been a great financial saving to us as The Rotary club of Mapuca is taking care of all the expenses regarding all our cataract operations for our homeless street people .
We are in need of help from such clubs/ hospitals/ organisations / hospitals/ doctors etc towards :
▪︎Dental issues 
▪︎Hearing aids
▪︎Skin related issues ,
▪︎Physio therapy 
▪︎General health checkup monthly 
If there are other clubs from Rotary , Lions , JCI , etc who understand homelessness and poverty , then please support us through the above services just like The Rotary Club of Mapuca has been taking care of our cataract operations of our homeless street people. 
Once again we thank The Rotary Club of Mapuca for the support in the last 3 years and looking forward to many more years of support .
Caring & rehabilitation of homeless people is a calling and not a force.
You need to have that compassion and determination along with sacrifice to even think of homelessness as an issue. 
Easy to sit and condemn or judge such work but very difficult to start even with 1 homeless person. 
Donations through kind or through cheques/ NEFT only along with your pan card copy .
We operate only through social media. 
And no calling at all.
All communication strictly through WhatsApp messages only on 8380097564.
Inspite of last 3 years of running Street Providence , through whatsapp only , still I hear complaints about me being rude & arrogant from a very few .
I once again apologize incase I have been rough or rude to any one on a phone call. 
Switch to WhatsApp messages and see the difference .
I just don't run Street PROVIDENCE. 
I have a full time sales job , 9 to 5 , plus I have a family .
I have 2 numbers and most of the time I am talking to 2 people on both nos as most of the calls require urgent attention.
With hundreds of messages everyday and with our internal staff calling all the time, its just not possible that I will not be loosing my cool. 
Besides I always speak on a speaker phone and I have a very hoarse voice which makes the receiver feel its loud or rude.
When u r continously on the road and speak on a Speaker phone, and range drops and with a talk time daily of minimum 3 hours incoming & outgoing, besides numerous quick decisions to be made , you tend to get upset and angry and tired .
End of the day I can't listen to your request on a phone call as there is just no time to even reply to messages.
But on the other side , I appreciate and thank our hundreds of benefactors who believe our work and faithfully send WhatsApp messages informing about donations, asking for account details or even confirming that the transfer has been completed. 
God bless you all 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020414848