9.1.2021  5pm IST
STREET PROVIDENCE TRUST GOA has been looking after last 3 full years homeless people who are basically in :
▪︎Unsound mind .
It's not an easy task for us as it requires commitment and dedication  .
Most of the men when admitted are:
▪︎Unclean in body and In their habits 
▪︎Unsound mind and depression state
▪︎Mumble and grumble continously 
▪︎No toilet habits 
▪︎Blabber anything 
▪︎Or just quite and dont Reply as they          are lost .
Sorry the video is about 22 min and due to connectivity issue there has been some disturbances.
What you will see in the video is the finished product ( most of them ) and few are work in progress. 
☆ Attached a small video as facebook link and 👇
☆ Also attached the same video through YouTube. 👇
Most of such people are kept in houses where family members pay and these charges start at rs 20000 and go up to rs 40000 a month. 
But what about poor homeless street people who can't afford such high charges?
That's where Street PROVIDENCE reaches .
Our homes ( not houses ) look after and care for such homeless people FREE OF COST & results are close to 100%.
In All our mens homes , the care givers are the same street men who got off the streets 2 to 3 years back after fighting alcohol & depression and they are now committed to looking after other such men.
We must be the only NGO inspite of not OWNING any houses in our names as of today  , yet doing this SERVICE .
In Goa there are more than 250 to 300 such registered homes but 90% charge fees which I understand are required to run the homes.
According to my understanding in the coming 5 years, 150 of such homes will be closed due to manpower .
We will be ready to bridge that gap if the need arises. 
We have stopped accepting any more homeless men as of last month due to lack of space. 
But this year 2021 we are going to focus more on rehabilitation. 
Not sure where the Homes are going to come from , but I have desire to look after and getting ready to rehabilitate 150 such homeless ladies and gents during this entire year 2021.
Take a pledge this new year to support the homeless and street people. 
Please support us in our mission to eradicate homelessness and hunger in Goa.
We offer you 80G EXEMPTION on all your donations with your pan card copy .
Donations only through Cheques/ NEFT .
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God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
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