25.11.2020 7pm IST 
Celebrate your :
☆ Birthday , 
☆ Wedding & wedding anniversary , 
☆ A loved one's death anniversary ,
☆ Your special moments,
☆ Etc. 
By supporting our MOW ( Meals on wheels)
FOOD BANK FOR THE POOR SANGOLDA GOA through our MOW ( Meals on Wheels ) is feeding across major 4 cities of Goa , getting off the streets the homeless as well as feeding free meals outside government hospitals .
We go beyond just feeding. 
We also rehabilitate the old , sick , the desperate both men , ladies and children.
We also send back the homeless to their respective states if they wish to go .
Attached 2 small videos of the same done by Hassan Khan today at vasco station.
Thanks to our volunteers in the following cities :
♡ 1. Vasco city – Mr Hassan Khan
Feeds every day 1 pm & 7 pm in Vasco .
Today he managed to send by train 2 men who wished to go back home. 
Every trip he has a meal for 50 homeless. 
♡ 2. Mapusa – Mr Napolean Fernandes 
Feeds every 7 pm at Mapusa taxi stand .
Managed to get 2 goan men off the streets & into our home last 15 days.
Every day he has meals for 50 homeless. 
♡ 3. Panjim – Mr John Dsouza 
Feeds everyday 1 pm in PANJIM city .
Everyday he has meals for 50 homeless 
♡ 4. Panjim – Mr Orville 
Feeds everyday 7 pm in Panjim City.
Carries food for 50 homeless.
♡ 5. Margao – Mr John Baptist
Feeds outside hospico hospital at 7.30am
Has been feeding from june 2020 daily
Carries food for 50 people. 
♡ 6. IPHB & GMC – Prof Pai.
Feeds outside both these hospitals between 7.30am & 8.15 am respectivilly.
Has been feeding from Feb 2020.
Breakfast sent for 100 people.
♡ 7. Mapusa District hospital – Our boys.
Men who are in our rehabilitation homes feed daily at 
7.30 am & 1 pm outside the hospital. 
Food per trip is sent for 50 meals .
Blessing on all these volunteers who brave the Covid and feed the hungry. 
All these are freshly prepared and we pay for these meals 
It's all about feeding daily. 
And there is a cost.
God will inspire you to come forward and pay our Bills. 
Be it :
▪︎before the COVID , 
▪︎during the lockdown and 
▪︎after the lockdown was lifted, 
we have been feeding the hungry and homeless as well as picking people from the streets of Goa and providing rehabilitation.
( We just dont Pop up for some time, ask for donations, create some fancy social media posters , collect donations and then disappear into some other activity. )
Trying to get MOW running across all 14 municipalities of GOA catering to almost 1000 homeless people who might just be waiting for that meal to satisfy their hunger.
By January 2021 there should be no hungry homeless person eating from any dustbin in Goa as we might be coming with a WhatsApp proposal where you spot in the 14 municipalities eating from a dustbin and our volunteer will feed them .
Still working on that plan .
The festive season has started. 
Support us in our food bank program by donating either through CHEQUE / NEFT or IN KIND.
Give cheerfully as we enter the season of Christmas. 
Feed the homeless and hungry and blessings will surely follow you .
Sow generously as you have been blessed abundantly as compared to the hungry and homeless. ( stock market reached 44000 ).
We offer you income tax exemptions on all your donations under section 80G.
Twitter : @streetproviden1
As usual strictly no calling , only thru WhatsApp on 8380097564.
God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 702031484