22.11.2020 10pm IST
Since inception in 2017, STREET PROVIDENCE has always put cost effectiveness at the center of our plans to achieve alleviating Hunger and Homelessness on a large scale. 
Presently STREET PROVIDENCE has a number of ongoing programmes like :
☆ Food bank fridges ,
☆ Fre Breakfast outside government               hospital,
☆ MEALS on WHEELS (MOW) lunch &            dinner, 
☆ DRY RATIONS for 250 HIV+ patients           and their families ,
☆ SHELTER HOMES serving as a home to      over 100 homeless men and women, 
☆ Water banks, 
☆ Medicines and clothes bank .
☆ Etc. 
Every programme is designed on a low cost model, to ensure that maximum number of meals, medicines and dry rations are served to the homeless and needy within an affordable budget.
Starting from November 1st, 2020, STREET PROVIDENCE will no longer be operating from the Porvorim Office at SAPANA GARDEN, ALTO PORVORIM, BARDEZ , GOA.
The reasons are numerous :
▪︎1. Our office is situated in the heart of Alto Porvorim with a lot of movement of tourists in and around the vicinity of the office. 

▪︎2. Inmates and staff need to visit the office for various administrative reasons and there is always the lurking fear of one of them carrying the virus back to the Shelter Home which would cause an immense problem.

▪︎3. In view of cutting down on the rent of the office space, it was decided to have a virtual office and all logistical instructions would be dispensed on the phone, resulting in a saving on the rent of the office space till we find or are given to use another office either free of cost or at a very Norminal rate. 
The cooperation of all our staff and volunteers is what assures us of a successful transition.
Having said that, if you have an :
Unused residence, 
office space or 
accommodation in BARDEZ area only  ( priority porvorim, sangolda , ) and are willing to permit STREET PROVIDENCE to use and bring all operations under one roof, thereby minimizing our transportation cost, 
please whatsapp DONALD FERNANDES @ 8380097564/ 7020314848.
Without YOU, we could never have reached out to so many Homeless, sick, naked and hungry people.
In the coming Month of Dec 2020 ( max New Year Jan 2021 ) we are starting a couple of new projects targetting 20000 + poor goan families across Goa and storage space is a big issue .
You and your family can experience the blessings from the poorest of the poor by supporting us with a place to run our office as well have a storage facility for :
☆ Clothes 
☆ Medicines 
☆ Dry ration 
☆ Etc. 
God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848