26.8.2020 4pm IST
Poor, physically Challenged, Goan Widow given a better environment to live .
Must read , a bit long , but this is reality .
Mrs Prabhavathi Pilankar is Physically Challenged widow , from Anjuna and the picture of her house is attached. 
You saw the outside, now imagine the inside. 
Prabhavathi is born Polio & is physically challenged and is having an adult son who looks after her.
Listen to the 1 min video. 
Ruth Madeira e Pai , a lady from porvorim who works in the health Dept Panjim , and who is their benefactor vists this family in Anjuna on 19.8.2020.
Ruth was taken aback .
Mrs Prabhavathi and son were in an extremely terrible and pity state. 
Extremely weak , undernourished, no food, house fallen down, no electricity, dirt and filth inside the house. 
Both of them were just lying down on the plain floor .
Now Ruth had gone there to hand over provisions for Ganesh Festival but was taken aback at their conditions. 
Immediately Ruth got 108 to take them to DISTRICT HOSPITAL MAPUSA and from there Ruth took them to HER house at porvorim. 
Now Ruth also celebrates GANESH CHATURTHI but yet RUTH & her family gave shelter to the mother & son .
We were approached for REHABILITATION and YES we are going to accept and provide them a small FLAT @ porvorim where they can stay .
But at the moment today we admitted her into a good hospital ( not government as it's all full due to COVID ) as she needs to be stabilised and got back to normal life 
This is what we can do little, but atleast for some time till PRABHAVATHI recovers her strength and we are able to raise money to REBUILD their house at ANJUNA .
This is what help I require :
▪︎1. Looking for help in any ladies home where PRABHAVATHI can be admitted directly and tendered too, so that we dont need to put them in a flat. 
Son can stay with us in our mens home.
▪︎2. If I don't get a ladies home , then looking for a DOCTOR/ NURSE who can visit PRABHAVATHI in porvorim FLAT daily to follow up , and get her back to her feet. 
▪︎3. Any one willing to support and take care of their bills, nutrition, medications , especially the rent of the flat as we finish our flat agreement in Nov 2020.
▪︎4. With this pandemic, it's not going to be possible for them to go back to their home as it's broken but we surely can rebuild their house .
▪︎5. A counselor who can help them .
▪︎6. Any lady who can stay with 
Mrs Prabhavathi Pilankar in the hospital in porvorim and it's going to take a good no of days, I feel to get her discharged.
This is just 1 case which I can help as her son is with her 
There are about 15 + cases like this and yet I cant do much .
I am requesting you all to PRAY to GOD for STREET PROVIDENCE, so we get to house under one roof all such human being approx 500 people .
We require 1 big home to look after both men & women who are : 
☆ Widows 
☆ Old & Infirmed
☆ Physically challenged 
☆ Bed ridden
☆ Lonely & depressed 
☆ Alcoholic & substance abuse 
☆ Mentally challenged 
☆ Blind, deaf , dumb 
☆ Homeless & destitutes.
But please pray for this home to materialize and that so many of the poor can get a place to stay, bath , food , medical attention and live peacefully especially during this pandemic which may last another good 9 months on the higher side. 
Running so many small homes is very tiring and logistics is expensive. 
But I am doing the best i can with the little resources I have.
We are not owning any homes and are not interested in owning any homes in our trust name . 
All our homes are rented on 11 months lease .
We are only looking for 1 big home / building on cheap rent or free so that we can provide rehabilitation to the poorest of the poor .
Support us @ Street Providence in any way you can .
Be another Ruth Madeira e Pai by going out of your way and helping just 1 person .
We offer 80 G exemptions on all your donations along with your pan card copy.
Twitter : @streetproviden1
As usual strictly no calling , only thru WhatsApp on 8380097564.
God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848