8.8.2020 7pm IST
Street Providence Trust, Goa joins the COVID fight in GOA 
STREET PROVIDENCE TRUST, GOA is looking for a big place / hall / building/ shed to accommodate another 100 + homeless men who are desperate to get off the streets of Goa .
All our rehabilitation homes are nearly full .
We just can't accept anymore homeless men as space is a big constraint. 
But we @ Street Providence are aware as well as the newspapers are reporting that in some cities in Goa street men have died as they are not having shelter. 
Daily I am requested thru phone calls and WhatsApp to help in rehabilitation. 
From mid June 2020 till date, we have rehabilitated nearly 10 such men after doing the COVID test .
Pathetic cases and desperate men .
Even today as I write this post we admitted a 61 year old goan man whose house is completely broken and no one is ready to help him .
Mapusa police did his paperwork and that's why we took him in and he is old and homeless. 
Attaching 2 videos of 2 such men who if were not rehabilitated in time, not sure what their condition would be today .
☆ A.
1st is a man ( Non Goan ) who was sleeping for close to 75 days outside a religious place in Bardez. ( Video in hindi)
He did not have a bath for more than 2 months and was terribly weak and malnourished. 
A kind benefactor of mine pleaded and did all his paper work thru Porvorim police and we accepted him .
He today has become an asset in the last 1 month to street Providence as he has come forward and decided to look after the sick and infirmed men in the home he is staying .
☆ B.
A Goan Man who for more than 3 years was loitering and sleeping on the streets of north GOA. ( video in konkanni )
He was guided to the Mapusa police station where the police were kind enough to call us and request us to rehabilitate him .
We only agreed as he has a COLOSTOMY BAG attached to his body ( cancer survivor)
Educated man with computer knowledge but circumstances has made him live on the streets with his sickness and at times in pain. 
Another Asset to our home as he too will be employed to look after homeless street men .
Its very sad and painful to receive pictures practically everyday of homeless men desperate for a place to stay and food to eat.
Housing them is our concern .
But where is the Space ?
( No negative comments or blaming required. ) That all can wait .
With men unable :
▪︎to pay their rents or 
▪︎because of no jobs or 
▪︎because of no documents or
▪︎because of poverty or
▪︎because of sickness 
they are living a suffering and painful life on the streets. 
All I need ASAP is a place to look after these 100+ men .
We have close to 85 + men already in our homes. 
Please dont give me recommendations but go to the owners of these places and convince them to supoort us in this home .
We prefer a place which is 
Hill top or farm land or industrial shed.

Should have atleast
15 toilets and 
a drinking water well along 
with municipality water supply &
Motorable road for a medium vehicle 

Preferred in 
We have a set of goan men who have volunteered to be part of this new home as there are going to be endless hospital trips as most of them will surely be weak and malnourished. 
Also the new home which we require needs to easy reachable to move food and medicines on daily basis as well other facilities. 
But BEGGARS CANT BE CHOOSERS and today that is my state ” begging for a big place to put all these homeless men till the pandemic is over “.
Your support is what makes us carry on .
Support us with your 
♡ Prayers 
♡ Well wishers 
♡ Donations 
♡ Food grains 
♡ Medicines 
♡ Petrol vouchers 
We require men volunteers who can drive a car to come forward and support us in many many ways without expecting any compensation but working towards humanity. 
All donations through cheque / Neft which are exempted upto 50 % under Section 80G of Income Tax Act along your pan card copy .
Twitter : @streetproviden1
As usual strictly no calling , only thru WhatsApp on 8380097564.
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848