7.8.2020 11am IST
STREET PROVIDENCE TRUST,  GOA has successfully managed to install Water Solar heaters at OUR REMAINING HOMES ie AT CAVELOSSIM & MARGAO.
Thanks to our donors
♡ 1. Cyril Dmello from Saligao who sponsored the unit at Cavelossim house &
♡ 2. A food bank volunteer from our Margao Food Bank who donated in memory of a relict who passed away .
During this Pandemic , where gargling and inhalation is one of the ways to beat the Virus , these Water Solar Heaters are really a blessing .
With the monsoon in full swing , each and every homeless person is now satisfied with a bucket of hot water for daily bath and we have managed to bring down the skin 
We now have water solar heaters at our homes in
☆ 1. Assnora 
☆ 2. Batim
☆ 3. Margao 
☆ 4. Cavelossim 
☆ 5. Our woman home .
Big thanks to Balaji Enterprises from Saligao who sold, installed and checked that these 5 water solar heaters are fully functional and the job was completed within 30 days inspite of the monsoon.
We thank the owners of all these homes for allowing us to install these water solar heaters as all these homes are not ours but given to use for a noble cause. 
We have another requirement in our 
3 homes.
We require 3 TELEVISIONS ( TV ).
Yes since the last 3 days due to heavy winds and rains , 3 TVs in our homes have just gone off.
Looks like various circumstances caused the damage. 
With the men completely in lockdown mode it's getting a bit boring sitting 24 hours indoors .
We are looking for 2nd hand FLAT SCREEN TELEVISION only & not BOX TELEVISION .
We have about 5 BOX TELEVISION with us given by various donors in the past and non are working. 
Even to repair is difficult due to the lockdown and expensive as parts are to be ordered. 
So incase you have an extra 2nd Hand FLAT SCREEN TV and would like to give it away please let us know . ( not box tv ).
Size is not a problem , any size will do .
We had used , are using and will use SOCIAL MEDIA to raise resources as well as to share the work we do .
Those who find this unethical are free to block me on WhatsApp or unfriend me on face book. 
All donations through cheque / Neft which are exempted upto 50 % under Section 80G of Income Tax Act along your pan card copy .
Twitter : @streetproviden1
As usual strictly no calling , only thru WhatsApp on 8380097564.
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848