14.7.2020 5pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE TRUST, GOA is looking for a second hand ambulance or a new ambulance as most of the people in our homes are in need of constant medical treatment. 
Yes, the lockdown coupled with an already old Maruti Omni Ambulance is throwing our visits to hospitals into a tizzy.
Practically 4 times in a week , there is a trip either to :
▪︎IPHB Bambolim
▪︎GMC banbolim
▪︎District hospital margao 
▪︎Private hospitals for skin disease or           just pains and old aged.
Listed below are the different types of homeless people in all our homes across Goa as listed below: 👇
▪︎Dumb 2
▪︎Lame 3
▪︎Physically challenged 10
▪︎Amputated 5
▪︎Old age 7
▪︎Alcoholic 13
▪︎Drug abuse 2
▪︎ Homeless 10
▪︎ HIV 3
▪︎ Mentally challenged 22
▪︎Skin disease 3 
》Some are physically + mentally challenged. 
》Some are homeless + mentally challenged 
》Some are old + weak.
》Some are old + no toilet control 
》A few are old + wheel chair bound. 
》Some are old + skin infected. 
》1 is HIV + mentally challenged 
》1 is HIV + TB infected 
》1 is HIV + bed ridden / operated. 
■ Too many combinations. 
It's all a mixture but yet its after all HUMAN BEINGS.
We accept and look after anyone who has no one, TOTALLY FREE OF COST .
But all admissions strictly through the Police and with a medical and COVID certifcate.
All our homes are rented and scattered across Goa .
Most of the times we hire TAXIS as our regular cars are occupied with the food bank pick up and drop.
If any organisation/ congregation has an ambulance which they are not using, then please donate or allow us to use it .
If any Company/ Factory / bank can help us under CSR , it will be if great help as we offer 50 % income tax exemption under 80G
☆ It Can be a MARUTI OMNI ambulance or 
☆ It Can be a MARUTI ECO ambulance.
Bigger than this we are not keen to accept. 
Alot of improvement is being seen, felt and observed in the last 6 months among our homeless people as we constantly follow up .
With 2 additional NEW TRUSTEES & 
5 new temporary volunteers who's service is to only take our homeless people faithfully to hospitals for their check ups , most of the health issues are in place .
Inspite of free service at IPHB & GOVERNMENT hospitals, still our monthly medicine bill crosses Rs 50,000/- as not all medicines are free.
I make sure no person is deprived of MEDICINES & MEDICAL ATTENTION , no matter whats the cost. 
Just in the month of MARCH , APRIL , MAY & JUNE 2020 , our hospital bills for only 5 homeless people admitted for a prolonged period was close to 4 lacs .
1 person who was seriously ill was billed an amount close to Rs 2 lacs .
And these are all HOMELESS & ABANDONED people .
Yet we @ Street Providence give the best medical facility without thinking twice. 
Thanks to all our benefactors who have stood with me & Street Providence over the last 3 years .
Being responsible for the health of 80 to 100 people with a small team , 24 × 7 is only possible with the FAVOUR OF GOD .
And there are many more wishing to desperately get off the streets .
Twitter : @streetproviden1
As usual strictly no calling , only thru WhatsApp on 8380097564.
God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848