8.7.2020 3pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE  TRUST GOA through our MEDICINE BANK donates to 1550 Goa Police personnel : 
▪︎1550 strips of CELINE CHEWABLE               VITAMIN C tablets &
▪︎1550 strips of SUPRADYN Multi                   Vitamin tablets.
OUR MEDICINE BANK for the last 3 years has been receiving medicines for our homeless street people in our homes from various individuals and companies under CSR with Bill's.
It's now time for us to give back to society and it's the right time during this crisis to start .
We purchased 1550 strips each of 
SUPRADYN MULTI VITAMIN TABLETS and donated this to 1550 police personal at the following SDPOs : 
☆ 1. Porvorim SDPO 360
☆ 2. Panjim SDPO 394
☆ 3. Mapusa SDPO 400
☆ 4. Bicholim SDPO 390
The message we are conveying to Goa Police ” support the homeless street people in Goa through Street Providence and lets be HUMANE towards the homeless “. 
These front line warriors at Goa Police require all the support and morale boasting measures. 
This is not the time to find fault with the government or ask questions .
This is the time to show support and bless the front line WARRIORS @ Goa Police .
Both CELINE CHEWABLE & SUPRADYN tablets are just to boost the immunity .
These 2 tablets I have been taking regularly for the last 5 years and very rarely we get a cold in our family .
For children you get separate CELINE tablets which are also recommended to be taken .
I am not a doctor nor am I marketing medicines for the companies. 
Very often CELINE CHEWABLE is in short supply.
The next alternative is LIMCEE CHEWABLE .
But CELINE chewable costs 1/ 3 of LIMCEE chewable .
Thanks alot to :
☆ 1. Mr Leslie , from Margao , a medical           rep for advising me about these 2               tablets. 
☆ 2. Barros pharmaceuticals Mapusa for           keeping aside the stock for this                   noble cause. 
☆ 3. Fernandes Chemist & Druggist,                  Saligao for supporting this cause                and offering us maximum discount 
And for making this happen quickly. 
We have a Big bill to pay , but the intentions are very clear. 
Special thanks to our volunteers 
▪︎Sapnesh Salgaonkar 
▪︎Napolean Fernandes 
▪︎Atmesh Kinlekar 
Who in today rain has taken the trouble and time to visit all 4 SDPOs in North Goa and hand over the medicines to the respective DYSPs.
For South Goa we will try to donate to the remaining 4 SDPOs ie about 2000 personnel .
We are keen to also donate to the HOME GAURDS & TRAFFIC POLICE .
You too can do your part .
Each strip is not very expensive. 
Total of both strips put together is just more than 1 litres of milk and much less than 1 breakfast at a good restaurant.
You too can support these FRONT LINE WARRIORS. 
Support us in our MEDICINE BANK .
You can donate to us your contribution and get 50 % Income Tax exemption under SECTION 80 G.
Or you can buy the strips and give us .
But the discount what we are getting is not available anywhere as this is for a noble cause. 
Incase you are a :
▪︎Medical rep 
▪︎Medicine manufacturer 
▪︎Super Stockist 
And if you have any samples which can be used like :
▪︎Tooth brushes 
▪︎Ear buds 
▪︎Spirits to clean wounds 
Then think of us at our MEDICINE BANK @ STREET PROVIDENCE .
We will give it to our 1000 plus goan poor families in our DRY RATION BANK where monthly we distribute dry ration. 
Twitter : @streetproviden1
As usual strictly no calling , only thru WhatsApp on 8380097564.
God bless you all
8380097564 / 7020314848