23.4.2020 6 pm IST
FOOD BANK  FOR THE POOR, SANGOLDA ,GOA distributed dry ration today at Bibeagal Ambaulim , Quepem, Goa for about 30 GOAN POOR FAMILIES
We received a request from a lady 2 days back , Mrs VIVICA , from that area , who volunteered to even distribute and organize the people. 
On Thursday, Mr Prakash & our care giver , Mr Hemant left porvorim with approximately 300 kgs of ration at 7 am .
Thanks to SAMARTH from our SAN JOSE DE AREAL Food bank who dropped in to help us.
The IMPORTANT POINT is , this entire material of ration was distributed in reused bags and their own utensils. 
We did not give ration away in new plastic bags . We requested the people to bring their own bags along .
In this way , we have saved plastic bags from being wasted and dumped Into garbage bins. 
We surely are keen to offer more ration till end of 31.5.2020 to our local SENIOR GOAN FAMILIES in any part of Goa provided we get local support from that village .
Full month of MAY 2020 , we @ FOOD BANK will distribute dry ration daily to our LOCAL POOR SENIOR CITIZENS OF GOA across different villages if there is a requirement and we have stock.
Already one section of volunteers are feeding cooked meals daily across GOA to labour class and street people as well .
Another section is feeding and taking care of 100+ destitute homeless people which we are rehabilitating in our 8 homes across GOA free of cost. 
Only for the month of MAY , WE REQUIRE DEDICATED VOLUNTEERS to work with us either : 
☆To feed the homeless and street people .
☆To identify goans who require dry ration .
☆To support us in our rehabilitation homes and volunteer with our care givers , but you need to have your own car and bike with a valid license .
We are not giving any certificate or letter to take home .
This is a service to the poor needy hungry old homeless sick abandoned. 
We are not offering any salary or paying for the expenses like fuel .
If you have time, energy , good health , if you want to feel good then it's time to hit the streets and be a blessing to the least fortunate. 
You will work in your own city / village .
If anyone is interested please get in touch with me on WhatsApp only 8380097564.
No calling , I will not be able to entertain your calls .
Attached a few pictures and a video 
Your support is required in prayers , wishes & blessing .
We are a registered NGO , and we offer income tax exemption under 80 G on your donations. 
We operate only through WhatsApp on 8380097564.
God bless you all 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848