STAY HOME…..STAY SAFE ” Only Move out if Necessary “

18.4.2020 8 pm IST
” Only move out if necessary “
FOOD BANK FOR THE POOR SANGOLDA, GOA networks with Goa Police @ SDPO PORVORIM & within 24 hours delivers ration to infected kids in SOUTH GOA, delivered by Goa Police personal. 
From Nov 2017 we have been providing dry ration and ( only this month slightly delayed In south GOA ) will continue as it's a commitment, to about 50 infected families.
( 25 donated by food bank Margao & 25 donated by street Providence Sangolda)
On 16.4.2020 we received a SOS message from MAHESH GOVEKAR from Darpan Goa, which is a reputed NGO requesting for ration 
I said yes immediately but was really tied up with alot of other supplies. 
I sent a message to SDPO PORVORIM , DYSP Edwin Sir asking if they could help out in logistics. 
2 min Dysp replied, ” DONE “.
17.4.2020 , 6 PM, Goa police personal from porvorim police station, hands over ration , direct to the kids and families in the presence of MAHESH , which is a big relief for us at FOOD BANK as it saved us alot of time .
Attached a video & a picture of Mahesh Govekar with the police personal @ Goa Police.
Many must have received a message two days back , about 100 families requiring ration near GOA border.
Here again thru networking with our good friend, volunteer & benefactor , Mr SEQUEIRA who used his network in that area , we managed to get help across without much confusion and ration has reached on 18.4.2020 by 2 pm 
If any one needs more information on this topic, please get in touch with me thru WhatsApp 8380097564
Remember we all want to help, but only those with travel passes / permits can move .
And at times your travel pass / permit is not valid beyond a certain boundary/ area.
Simply getting out of your home , can land you in NO MAN LAND and that can lead you TO QUARANTINE for 14 days. 
Food Bank has a food bank fridge in that village / area, so we are familiar with that area .
If you want to help in any way with the list of items that the message was carrying , let us know, we can accept it here and hand it over through our volunteer on the next trip .
We @ Street Providence always uses local logistics available in that area while providing relief be it COVID , FLOOD RELIEF, MEDICATION , FOOD , etc.
Through Our 3 years of service to the poor , hungry, needy , homeless across Goa , & the borders of MAHARASHTRA & KARNATAKA, we have acquired many volunteers who come with their contacts who work in different GOVERNMENT DEPARTMENTS.
These contacts make our work easy in areas where we cant reach and be present in person .
Support us in your prayers, wishes and blessings 
We provided you 80G income tax exemption on your donations but with your pan card no .
Let's keep in mind and prayer for the CM , the collectors , the police , the doctors, nurses , sanitation workers , all and so many feeders, who day and night are working round the clock to bring relief to so many poor , sick, hungry abandoned, homeless people in this COVID situation. 
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848