Street Providence Trust Goa Takes You Through Our Entire Day

17.4.2020 5 pm 
Street Providence Trust Goa takes you through our entire day and think how you can make an impact in the life of someone if you are ready to go that extra mile and live an exciting life .
Car 1
7.00 am Orlando our volunteer in south GOA , son brings 3 homeless men from cavelossim home to margao for a check up .
7.30 am of which 1 is taken by car to IPHB Bambolim and 2 are dropped at Hosipicio Margao.
Car 2
8 am Edward goes to bring 3 homeless men from Assnora home and takes AMIT ( the boy with a hole in his stomach ) to REMANSO hospital Mapusa, to take off his catheter and for a check up .
Car 3 
9 am Rajesh takes 2 homeless men from Edward car and goes to IPHB as they have their appointment today. 
Car 2 
After check up , collects food from 3 restaurants and reaches porvorim with AMIT by 11.30 am 
Car 1 
Reaches back to margao by 11am from IPHB , picks up the other 2 homeless men from hospico and drops them back at cavelossim home by 12 pm.
Car 4 
Prakash leaves SANGOLDA at 11.30 am with cooked food for south GOA for 200 people and returns back at 3 pm .
This is his daily trip.
Car 3
has returned back with 2 homeless men from IPHB at 12 pm and later at 2 pm drops all 3 men back to Assnora home and returns to porvorim by 3.30 pm.
In between each person medicines and follow up , what doctors said , extra is conveyed to me on phone. 
In between calls for ration and our regular food distribution starts. 
For Rs 35 , you can now feed a homeless hungry person a good meal through STREET PROVIDENCE.
This is where we daily feed on Goa .
11.30 am south GOA 200 meals sent. 
1.00pm Margao 53 cooked meals pkts.
1.00 pm Panjim 60 cooked meals pkts.
1.00 pm Calangute 50 cooked meals pkts.
5.00 pm 150 sliced breads/ cake in Mapusa
6.30 pm Mapusa 25 cooked meals pkts.
7.00 pm porvorim 50 cooked meals pkts 
7.00 pm margao 50 cooked meals pkts 
8.00 pm sernabatim 50 cooked meals pkts
8.30 pm porvorim 50 cooked meals pkts thru SDPO Porvorim. 
This goes on ….
some calls for ration, 
some calls for medicine , 
some for rehabilitation. 
Remember STREET PROVIDENCE daily feeds and looks after full time 100 + homeless street people in our homes , 3 meals in addition to medications, toiletries, etc . 
These are the weakest section of the people. 
Midnight upto 12.30 am , at time police will call and bring a homeless man as there is no place to shelter him and we oblige. 
From 22.3.2020 till date we have admitted 9 homeless men thru GOA Police and all are healthy inspite of the virus .
At close to 
A. 1000 meals daily cooked food distributed across Goa .
B. 100+ homeless people to look after and solve their issues and mind you our homes are scattered across Goa .
C. 8 cars minimum need to have petrol and be in running condition .
D. Daily minimum 100 kgs ration is given away free .
E. Keep an eye on paper work and accounting procedures. 
F. Etc etc 
That's what I call exciting life and our daily routine, quite often. 
And this has been going on even before the lockdown as we used to move 2000 kgs food daily thru the food bank all over Goa from may 2017.
Now since everything is shut , the food bank FRIDGES are not getting food .
For all the care givers at STREET PROVIDENCE who were once homeless, hungry , sick, left on the roads abandoned, it's a NEVER SAY DIE ATTITUDE .
They know the actual meaning of hunger and poverty .
Please support us in your prayers, wishes and blessings. 
We provided you 80G income tax exemption on your donations but with your pan card no .
Most families comprise of 4 to 5 members. 
And there is a lockdown. 
Think about Street Providence and how you can help us.
God bless you.
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848