30.4.2020 8am IST 
7000 Eggs donated by A BIRTHDAY BOY to feed the hungry .
1000 ROTIS / NAANS being served daily with a plan to go upto 5000 ROTIS / NAANS very soon .
FOOD  BANK FOR THE  POOR , SANGOLDA, Goa has been feeding 1000 freshly cooked meals a day from the time the lockdown started and a few days back we were working on a plan to reduce the cost , stretch the resources and go on feeding till SEPTEMBER END .
For the last 7 days , we started , preparing & serving 1000 ROTIS / NAANS daily and slowly we have reduced freshly cooked food. 
Serving freshly pre cooked meals always bring to mother EARTH , wet and dry GARBAGE and that's what I cant go on with .
But while giving ROTIS / NAANS we require to give something , an accompliment. 
Something dry , not contributing to the wet garbage, trying to reduce plastic , packaging etc .
We thought how about giving 
☆1 EGG
☆2 BANANAS on different days .
1 DAY , one accompliment with the ROTIS / NAANS .
Now our actual cost of each NAAN / ROTI is Rs 5 .
So 2 NAAN / ROTI = Rs 10 .
Any Accompliment cost rs 5 .
For Rs 15 we can feed a plain filling meal/ snack / whatever you call it to about 2000 people daily WITH THE GRACE OF GOD.
We plan do cook about 5000 ROTIS / NAANS in the coming weeks daily. 
I am yet to post this on social media but my mind is working on how this feeding will run .
How to get rs 30000 a day , either through donations or through material. 
Two days back , Rakesh from GUIRIM calls us saying his birthday is on 1.5.2020 and he wants to buy and give us something to feed the poor .
I request him to sponsor eggs and he quickly says YES .
RAKESH sows 7000 eggs directly into this feeding plan and that is an indicator for us that GODS FAVOUR IS UPON US .
We are purchasing all the raw material like 
☆OIL , 
☆SALT …Etc..
to make the NAANS / ROTIS and are getting it made in BICHOLIM.
To make 1000 NAANS / ROTIS a day for 7 days we require 400kgs of FLOUR .
Exactly the day we started, AN elderly NUN/ SR , from a religious congregation from KHORLIM, MAPUSA, inquired whether they can pay our grocery Bills as they too would be feeding the hungry in the SPIRIT as they are really old . 
And believe me , the flour for this 1st lot of ROTIS / NAANS for the 1st seven days, were paid directly by the NUNS / Sr to the supplier.
Another sign that , GODS FAVOUR is on this food plan .
Message / Request / Appeal .
☆1.Support us for Rs 15 a day to feed two ROTIS / NAAN + accompliment. 
☆2. You can buy & pay for the raw material anyway in GOA , we will pick it up, 
Like :
☆3. Celebrate your functions knowing that your donations are going to the poorest of the poor in Goa .
☆4. We accept your donations either through cheques/ NEFT / CASH/ KIND .
We offer you INCOME TAX EXEMPTION under section 80G along with your PAN CARD NO .
As usual all communications through WHATSAPP only on 8380097564 .
Send me a message and I will reply quickly. 
God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848