22.3.2024. 11am IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA runs numerous Banks & we are adding another bank ” DIAPERS BANK”.
The link attached will tell you all you need to know about our NGO.
We run :
☆ Food Bank
☆ Water Bank
☆ Clothes Bank
☆ Medicine Bank
☆ Education Bank
☆ Stroke recovery unit for the poor.
☆ Palliative care unit for poor bed ridden patients.
☆ Physiotherapy centre's for those with disabilities.
☆ Shelter Homes & now 
☆ Diapers Bank.
We wish to start free dialysis units for those poor goans in need of dialysis and also suffering from disabilities. 
All our banks / projects are connected to the poor homeless people and poor goan suffering fron all types of disabilities.
Our projects are all intertwined, complicated, expensive, difficult, hard work but its the need of the hour as alot of poor goans are turning homeless due to disabilities.
I had visualized many years ago :
◇ 1. FOOD BANKS to feed the poor
◇ 2. SHELTER HOMES to house the poor
◇ 3. MEDICINE BANK to care for the poor
◇ 4. CLOTHES BANK to cloth the poor 
◇ 5. EDUCATION BANK to educate the poor
◇ etc
We are only NGO providing free in house Psychiatric care to the poor goan homeless people having an IPHB registration no.
As well as The only NGO providing free in house Physiotherapy care thru our Stroke recovery unit.
We launch today our DIAPERS BANK which will cover all unused items like :
》Pampers , 
》Sanitary pads , 
》Under pads, etc.
We visualize a big demand for ONE 
“in house dialysis center” for those poor goans who are suffering from chronic mental disabilities and who might not be able to be taken to a government hospital for regular dialysis.
We generally conclude and assume NGOs only make money through donations and just show off.
Well that's your views for those who think the above.
We as an NGO work loudly and boldly in areas most never ever thought off or will ever even venture into.
That's why you need to watch the video in the link above.
We depend alot on donations through well wishers , long time benefactors, friends, CSR through various companies as well as Government of Goa.
Our NGO is more of a service provider than a social media news provider.
We use alot of Social media platforms to promote our NGO , raise awareness about our work as well as to raise resources.
As an NGO we have always worked closely with alot of Government departments and we feel great that most of the time all government departments have supported us.
Yes last 3 months we are having issues with one or two departments but it's time that THE CM of GOA looks into our demands which are strictly benefitting the poor goans suffering from hunger, homelessness & mental disabilities.
At Street Providence it's always about TEAM WORK & its about our 60 + full time staff who take alot of effort to make good things happen daily.
I may be the founder , but it's always been the TEAM that does all the running and implementation right from the time I started.
We had a geeat team from Dec 2017 to March 2020 and then it disintegrated.
And then I built another bigger & better team from April 2020 till now March 2024 after learning from the previous set backs I faced.
We all have to acknowledge our weakness & mine short coming is – I am short tempered & hot headed but its again a fore sight that I had that ” All communications strictly through whatsapp messages which actually worked, works and will work to my benefit “.
It's never been easy for me to answer so many calls as most of the time the caller does not even know why they are calling or what they are looking for.
But once you type a message then the opposite side shows the seriousness in reaching out to me otherwise it's just waste of my precious time and my energy.
We DARE TO DREAM and we work with passion & commitment towards ENDING HUNGER AND HOMELESSNESS for those suffering from DISABILITIES. 
All communications strictly through whatsapp messages only on 8380097564
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848