1.3.2024. 7pm IST
Wounded man with flesh of one leg totally exposed sleeping infront on the main road of GMC Super Speciality Block for days and suffering from Chronic disabilities. 
Yet all were totally blind that no one helped him until we stepped in today after many days.
Early morning a concerned MLA called me requesting to help this man.
Thank God The MLA had faith that we will help this man when Everyone just failed him.
At 4 pm our team and Goa Police personal @ Agassiam Police reached the spot bang on the turn which goes into the hospital. ūüĎá
We change his clothes and took him to our home at Assnora where he was given a hot bath, a hair cut , shaved and his badly eaten up / half exposed leg where one can see his bone was cleant and bandaged.
One horrible instance of total inhumane act of ignoring this man when the hospital is right in front of him.
Imagine how many Big Doctors, Junior Doctors, nurses , Staff , general public went in and out of that hospital last few days.
MHAKA KITYAK PODLA. (Why am I bothered).
Let the NGO come and do this work. 
But who is paying the NGO to do this work which The Government should be doing?
Inspite of our grumbling , disappointment and so many issues with The Health & The WCD departments , we yet took this man into our home.
We could have refused to pick this man up as he is bang infront of GMC Super Speciality block and its the hospital courtesy to atleast dress his wound.
But we will never deny any services to any homeless irrespective of how horrible and terrible their medical condition is, when we can do a little to ease their pain.
We will keep doing our services towards the homeless and the poor , but we will fight and highlight the faults of all departments who avoid their responsibilities. 
Government departments will try to give explanations and avoid giving services and grants to our NGO and we will go on fighting and highliting these issues but in the end ITS THESE POOR ELDERLY SENIOR CITIZENS WITH DISABILITIES who suffer for no fault of theirs.
Today we did the best we could even though it's going to cost us a bomb to fix that entire eaten up / chew up / messed up leg  ( God only knows how that wound is so big and totally rotting & Smelling leg ).
We have a right to demand for DHS & IPHB Doctors at our door step as this is the reason.
It's not our job but the Government Job to care and treat such poor Senior citizens with disabilities on the streets.
NGOs come into the picture when The Government fails and its time The Government takes note of this failure on their part and gives us medical facility in our homes otherwise
HOW IN HEAVEN SAKE r WE TO CARE FOR SUCH PATHETIC & HORRIBLE cases of people living and sleeping on the streets with wounds and in their own feaces.
To The Ministers and officials of any Government dept who takes offense to our posts ” remember its your job and responsibility to do what we are doing “.
Either you'll do or we do.
We are doing a Service and you as The Ministers and officials should help us to your job.
Nothing comes free in this World.
The Ministers and Officials get SALARIES. 
We depend on donations and Grant's from the Government which at times is denied to us due to Careless attitude of The officials whom these Ministers don't pull up.
On Monday ie 4th March 2024 at 10 am , we are taking a huge delegation of people with disabilites from all our homes to The Office Of The Commissioner for Persons With Disabilities @ Porvorim ( opp Delfino Super Market ) , to highlight how these people with disabilites are suffering and its their right to get medical facilities in our shelter homes .
Its getting bad to worse as too many homeless on the streets and The Government is just not showing any concern on this point. 
See the rising no of murders , rapes , robberies, begging etc in Goa , but who cares.
Today I sleep well and sound. I did my part inspite of being denied my grants.
This is my LENT.
Tomorrow is a new day and we start our fight agian tomorrow and on Monday.
These fights are life long as NGO will always claim Government is not supporting enough.
Government will just ignore and sit quite saying “Let him shout , it makes no difference, ultimately he will still take in such poor people “.
We have a FOOL PROOF PLAN to take off atleast 500 such people every month from the streets but not at our costs but is The Government interested ?
Please help us foot the bills of this man who will need alot of hospital trips up and down daily for dressing and surgery and medication. 
All queries through whatsapp messages only on 8380097564.
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848