29.2.2024. 7pm IST 
This is a true reality and the lady is alive.
Imagine In your neighborhood / vaddo / street you know of a poor Goan girl / lady having unsound mind and year after year delivers a child due to her being vulnerable on the roads.
Which implies she is being taken advantage off due to her mental Disabilities & poverty.
What would you do ?
I will give you the options :
A. Call the police 
B. Call One Stop Centre 
C. Call CWC / WCD 
D. Call Street Providence 
E. Get her admitted into IPHB / GMC 
F. Call Disability Commissioner 
G. Just walk away and say this is not my issue.
Now I will Explain how each one works :
A. Police 
They will / might respond and either call One Stop Centre or admitt into IPHB for treatment, to stabilise or into GMC for delivery of the baby and once delivery over , she will go back to the same situation on the streets. Or CALL Street Providence. 
B. One stop Centre
This is a temporary shelter for just 7 days till some arrangements are made out but since it's too complicated they too can't do much but CALL Street Providence. 
 C.  WCD / CWC
CWC will give this baby for adoption thru CARA & the mother is not their concern so again gone back to the same situation to be re exploited.
WCD – they will say direct this matter to One Stop centre or say this is not our concern.
D. Street Providence 
All and everyone is welcome and admitted into our home where WCD has to fund such homes.
Once admitted either into GMC / IPHB its only to deliver the baby @ GMC or IPHB to stabilise the mental disabilities.
They can admitt to PROVEDORIA Homes. 
F. Disability Commissioner 
This is their job to solve such issues but they just don't have any shelter homes so send to Street Providence. 
G. What most of do – just walk away.
Well this Goan lady was recommended to me from IPHB , 2 years back , pregnant and about to deliver in few days and I was told that she still has 2 months to deliver but with 2 days she delivered a boy and it got routed to CWC who did the adoption.
In the last 2 years we have re admitted her into IPHB more than 5 to 6 times as she gets very volatile and aggressive.
Today she is in IPHB. Has to be discharged.
We are in a dilema whether to take her back or ask the IPHB to send her home where she has a bed ridden mother in poverty.
Recently she assaulted the care giver very badly.
If she is sent back, the same problem of getting pregnant will arise and again she will lose her mind and Have to get her re- admitted into IPHB.
In this scenario what is the role of WCD & The Disability Commissioner for such goan poor ladies with Disabilities. 
This is not just one case in isolation. 
There are many many such cases and most remain exploited, deliver the child , either get killed or commit suicide or just put on some train and sent to now where
And then all Condemnation starts like :
Into prostitution,
Loose character ,
Deserves such death,
To pass judgment is God's job.
Did u and I do anything for these ladies while they were alive and in bondage ?
Then don't condemn when dead.
The Whole Sytem is anti poor especially towards woman with disabilities. 
All just wash their hands off starting from WCD.
(& it's time The Disability Commissioner steps in)
Why ?
Because they refuse to do justice to the job that they have been entrusted too.
They refuse to understand that they have the power to do good to these types of poor ladies but they have this attitude ” I CARE A DAMN”.
They have all the money but totally UNHAPPY & that unhappiness is written on their face.
They know only one thing – ” what r u giving me “.
But on the other hand in the last 7 years I have observed another set of officers who are committed to their job and they go out of their way to help these types of poor ladies.
Their families are blessed, their children are doing well , one can see the smile and happiness in these officers lives 24×7.
I always tell Directors / Doctors/ Police Inspectors / officers / clerks on their face : 
Either perform and take the spiritual blessings of the poor or 
Accumulate the poor goan ladies tears and hurts and see how you and your family get affected.
I am in the near future writing two books :
☆ 1. The most loved officers of Goa &
☆ 2. Officers who messed up their own lives.
Today it's getting bad to worse and no one , absolutely no one is aware what and how to do to address this freaking issue of poor goan women suffering from mental disabilities. 
On the Top of this WCD is sleeping peacefully not bothered at all about this suffering that our poor goan ladies are going through. 
We have 60 such ladies with chronic mental disabilities in our homes and another 32 + poor goans who are in IPHB or are on their way to IPHB for getting stabilised and then for care to our homes. 
My frustration and disappointment starts @ WCD and goes up to IPHB as these are the 2 major players who can either change the situation for the good or we just get sucked deeper and deeper into this big black hole of more and more poor goan ladies suffering from mental disabilities reaching now where but only STREET PROVIDENCE. 
What is our view to ease this situation:
Release our funds in time @ WCD &
Provide us psychiatrists at our homes @ IPHB.
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God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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